Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tempest's Corset Belt Pattern

Project level:Intermediate sewing knowledge needed
Project List: Tempest's Pattern -here
Syntheic Hair
your imagination
This is a wonderful pattern for any level of sewing. I made the four panel corset. You can make a 5 or even 6 panel corset. The pattern fits any size. You can choose most fabrics though I would be careful with delicate fabric that easily frays or snags. I used a different colored fabric for each panel but with the same design.Each panel has a back and front. You could put interfacing in between to make it sturdier. I then serged the ends together. (if you don't have a serger, you can use your sewing machine to zig zag the ends or turn in the fabric so the seams are on the inside).

I used washers instead of grommet tape for the corset parts.I sewed them on with ribbon. I added syntheic hair threading through the large washers on each panel. I am still deciding on what else to add. This belt would be great to use a coin belt on top and not worry about the coin belt snagging your skirt. I plan on making another one soon. Tempest's pattern has lots of information on how to make it different ways, "The pattern includes: -the classic 4 panel belt -the elegant 5 panel belt -the elusive 6 panel belt -small to large adjustable sizing -2 grommet systems -2 edging systems -gartering -"synth" tassel construction -the secret life of washers -adornment & embellishment tips -and more!" For more information on taking care of the belt
Synthetic Hair
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