Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adorable Dolls

Love this type of plush dolls especially out of ordinary Raggedy Ann dolls. I am currently making one and no it is not for me. I plan on making a few and donating them for Xmas to a children's hospital. I thought you would enjoy seeing some Etsy prettiness.

Visit Barbara's Dolls. She has adorable plush and sock monkey dolls.

Check out from Hugables.
Adorable rag dolls in lots of colors.

NCIS on the Mind

Since it is my favorite show, actually the only T.V. show I watch, I had made a few items from it. Of course my favorite on the show is Gibbs(Mark Harmon) and it shows in my jewelry. You can check them all out here including a already sold NCIS bracelet at Erika's Chiquis Jewlery.

Cross Stitch Book Marks

My mom makes these and I thought I share. I am also selling them for her on my Los Chiquitos Etsy Shop.