Thursday, August 18, 2022

Skeleton Clown(Day of the Dead) Halloween Costume


I have more pictures but hubby's phone is a pain in the ass sending them so I'll post them up later.

This was the first time putting fairy lights in a costume. I have put lights on a costume(Mr. Freeze)but not this many. 

It took me days to sew the tutu. I had 27 yards of tulle total. Each yard a different color. I also had to sew the ribbon and sequins on it. I had 3 tiers of ribbon. I added red paint to look like blood on one of the ribbons. It took hours to sew 8 different types of ribbon. Sew 27 yards 4 times -3 times for ribbon and once for the waist. I actually had a tutorial from Cachi's Customs to help with it.

I bought a skeleton body suit that glows in the dark but best of all-it fit. Which was hard to find but I found it on Etsy.

The wig had pigtails too and colorful. It sometimes stuck to my make up but I love it.

The umbrella I picked up that summer before I even started the costume but knew what I was going to do. Got that at Fun Town/Splash Town.

I also had red contact lenses and Pennywise teeth.

I might put up a tutorial how I did the tutu for an adult eventually.

The bottom picture show the mess I had in my sewing room trying to sew all those layers.

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Starting my Halloween Costume





 Simplicity S8719 | Simplicity Sewing Pattern Misses' Costumes


   I started my Halloween costume. Well, I bought the fabric and some accessories but I actually haven't started sewing my costume. I've been dealing with Lyme disease, again, and finally have the strength to get back to getting things done around the house, working out and just not feeling like garbage all the time. I will have a post about Lyme disease soon.

   Anyway, back to the costume making. I actually am deciding on two costumes to make. I'll show you the patterns here. Both are from Simplicity.

First one is 8719 costume B. I love the new take on Frankenstein's bride. I have black boots already. I would also make the outfit in white also. I was thinking of getting this wig instead. I could use this wig for other costumes in the future

  I also bought some white leggings and could also use it for the other costume. I would also get these gray wraps and sew them to fit my arms to look like her arm bandages.


EMEM Apparel Women's Plus Size Queen Opaque Footed Tights                

FRESINIDER Elastic Bandage Wrap 4 Pack(2 X 3" + 2 X 4" Wide Rolls) + 24 Clips | Stretch Compression Bandage Stretches up to 15ft | Ideal for Medical, Sports, Sprains, Calf, Ankle & Foot 

Simplicity S8719 | Simplicity Sewing Pattern Misses' CostumesThose boots are awesome and if your interested in getting them, you can buy them at Demoniacult.


Tinuos Horror Realistic Fake Bloody Wound Stitch Scar Scab Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Sticker Halloween Masquerade Prank Makeup Props-5PC

 These would be great for scars.

 DRACULA, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN + the 5W's of Classic Film |  cinematically insane


The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - IMDb

My other costume idea is Simplicity 8971. I would make it into a ghost and not an Ice Queen. I bought the fabric at Fabric Whole Sale Direct. The fabric was inexpensive.  I received my order within two days. I haven't opened the package yet as I've been working and wanted to wait until I had the time to look at it while not being so tired from work. I will put a post on the cutting out the costume and the fabric itself.

Simplicity S8971 | Simplicity Sewing Pattern Misses' Fantasy CostumeThis costume needs a lot(and I mean a lot) of fabric.

I had to buy probably 30 or more yards of fabric and I still didn't buy fabric for the scales on the corset or lace around the neckline.

 Simplicity S8971 | Misses' Fantasy Costume

 I like to do an dye on my costume. All my fabric is white and would like to dye an ombre of black on the bottom of it.



Simplicity S8971 | Simplicity Sewing Pattern Misses' Fantasy Costume

I like this wig here for the price.

Baruisi Long Straight White Wigs for Women Synthetic Natural Looking Cosplay Replacement Wig with Wig Cap 


These nails for claws.

CoolNail Black Long Point Stiletto False Nail Tips Acrylic Salon Full Cover Nails Artificial Fake Nails Press On Nails With Glue Sticker 

I also want to paint my fingers black like Wanda in Dr. Strange.

I am also thinking on a crown but I will most likely make it myself. Something like this below.

 Evil queen Dark fairy crown Gothic crown of branches Gothic image 1


 I hope to get started soon and I will put up pictures of the process. It might be two costumes, who knows.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Black Widow Costume from McCall's Pattern 7217

 Leah made her sister in law a Black Widow costume using McCall's Pattern 7217 that she bought on 

Erika's Chiquis on Etsy. 

Leah did a great job and she explains it here to help others with their cosplay costumes.


 1) What fabric did you use?




2)How long did it take you to make?

"From start to finish, it took me approximately 2 weeks to sew the suit.
Not counting the accessories I added using the same fabrics, like shoulder/knee pads, wrist bracers, or chest harness."

3)Was the pattern instructions easy to follow?

"I felt the pattern was so easy to read. It was a while since I followed along with a pattern and it went very well and I had no problems understanding what steps to do next."

4)did you make any changes or alterations to the pattern?


" As you may be able to tell in the pictures above, I marked out my alterations on the pattern, cut them out, laid they out and sewed them together as the pattern would have."



"I then top stitched over some parts to accent the areas I wanted"

" My whole design was based on the costume Black Widow is wearing in the movie "Black Widow", as you can see here."

"Note to add: I bought the fabric and notions I used at Joann's."


"Here are some pictures of the accessories I made to complete the overall look of the suit."


5)Pattern description and sizing (Example Simplicity 8162 plus size)

"I used McCall's M7217 (sz 6-14), Yaya Han's Ultimate Body Suit."

6)Would you sew it again?

"I do plan on using this pattern again to make myself a Captain Marvel suit. I will again be altering the pattern accordingly and using it as the base of the costume. "