Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Black Widow Costume from McCall's Pattern 7217

 Leah made her sister in law a Black Widow costume using McCall's Pattern 7217 that she bought on 

Erika's Chiquis on Etsy. 

Leah did a great job and she explains it here to help others with their cosplay costumes.


 1) What fabric did you use?




2)How long did it take you to make?

"From start to finish, it took me approximately 2 weeks to sew the suit.
Not counting the accessories I added using the same fabrics, like shoulder/knee pads, wrist bracers, or chest harness."

3)Was the pattern instructions easy to follow?

"I felt the pattern was so easy to read. It was a while since I followed along with a pattern and it went very well and I had no problems understanding what steps to do next."

4)did you make any changes or alterations to the pattern?


" As you may be able to tell in the pictures above, I marked out my alterations on the pattern, cut them out, laid they out and sewed them together as the pattern would have."



"I then top stitched over some parts to accent the areas I wanted"

" My whole design was based on the costume Black Widow is wearing in the movie "Black Widow", as you can see here."

"Note to add: I bought the fabric and notions I used at Joann's."


"Here are some pictures of the accessories I made to complete the overall look of the suit."


5)Pattern description and sizing (Example Simplicity 8162 plus size)

"I used McCall's M7217 (sz 6-14), Yaya Han's Ultimate Body Suit."

6)Would you sew it again?

"I do plan on using this pattern again to make myself a Captain Marvel suit. I will again be altering the pattern accordingly and using it as the base of the costume. "

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wizzard Pillowcases


If you would like a pillowcase made from this fabric, you can purchase only here. Etsy took down my listing for this. So, you can purchase "he should not be named" for 9.99 each. choose black or gray.

You are buying ONE pillowcase.

What is it made from?
*Fabric is 100% cotton  pillowcase
I will coordinate a matching edging..
How big is it?
*The pillowcase will fit any standard size pillow measuring 20 by 29.
How is it put together?
*Sewed and serged seams.
What a nice gift for that person who loves this series.


check out my other pillowcases here

I do take PayPal on here.This is how my pillowcases look like.


I recommend buying shipping insurance because otherwise
I am not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages.
I'll ship anywhere-just ask and I'll get a price.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Halloween Costume Skeleton Clown

 I am currently working on my tutu for my costume. Ugh-I hate sewing tulle.

This is the state of my sewing room.

 I am sewing 20 yds of tulle 4 times. 3 times for putting on ribbon and the time to make a waist line. As soon as I get pictures , I will post everything up.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Halloween isn't Over yet!

 Why are stores, like 2 weeks ago, already getting rid of all their Halloween stuff. Screw you Xmas and wait your damn turn. 

Well, here are some Halloween things to look at while October comes.

12 Black Scary Bats for Halloween Yard Decoration  Party image 1


LED Halloween Pumpkin String Lights image 1

Halloween decor spider web outdoor indoor reusable image 1 



Spooky bookmark Creepy Halloween ornament Demon Hand image 1

Halloween Decor Sunflower Skull Haunted House Decoration Large w/ full skull