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Diy Spooky Ghosts Votive

From Tiny Sidekick tutorial here
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Satan, Demon, Terminator and a Zombie Halloween 2014

Watch out , we are coming for your life and soul. Okay , just give us some candy.
 I bought these tattoos for my son's Terminator costume which he loved. FX Tattoos has these here
I had people ask why wasn't he smiling and having fun? Really? He's in character and the Terminator never smiles.
 The Hubby dressed to Kill is as Satan.

 A Zombie friend came along this year.
 Myself  the as a demon again but with different clothing.
Happy Halloween.

How to Make Darth Maul Horns

So I tried these yesterday and made my own. You can make about 8 horns with one package of Fimo.
I did everything like the video said and they came out pretty good. It beats paying 8.00 bucks for 2 horns at those Halloween stores. I also tried them out and (for us) it is better to put the horns on before the make up otherwise it won't stay on. Of course I have the cheap make up and not the ones that all these professional people have been using.

How to Make an All Skull Wreath

From Tried and True the tutorial here

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Harry Potter Ceiling

From the Unofficial Harry Potter Site tutorial here
Also from Eating Bender -photos here

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Head Foam Halloween Bowling

From Happy Hour Projects tutorial here

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