Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sewing Room Organization Part 10 Organizing Sewing Machine Needles

This is my new system for my sewing machine needles.

This is a lot better than the old system I had of keeping it all in the packages.


This is how it looked all put away. It didn't even fit that same basket.

After I took everything out of the package and put them in the container, this is all the packaging that was left(Yes, I did recycle it all).

All of those needles above fit in this container below. As you can see I bought it on clearance from Joann's.

And know it looks like this. I have what  type of needles on each section.

This worked great for me. I tried the pin cushion with the needle number on it and didn't like it but it might work for you.

From Ginderellas tutorial here on how to make the pin cushion above.

The one above is something like the one I tried to use.

The Domestic Diva's Disasters blog about needles here

La Sewista has a tutorial on how she did it using a pill box here

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Sewing List 2016

Here is my list for 2016. It looks like 2015 and 2014 lists. Will see if I do it.

1. Finish Pirate Top for Costume

It just needs the elastic put into it. Finish the skirt too.

2. Make Two Summer Tops -one in skulls and one in Super Heroine fabric
this is the pattern

3. Yes, that Halloween Quilt or Duvet cover that I have been waiting for years to make. I think it is more of  dread to cut all that fabulous fabric up.

Halloween fabric on the right.

4. That beautiful Gothic Dress that I fell in love with for a few years now. I would at least buy the fabric for it.

5. Finish Two Raggedy Ann Dolls -one in Green Hair and the other in Purple(I did finish my gothic and blue haired one)

6. Finish a green, black and purple elephant like the one above in blue.

7. Finish that darn Mata Hari Costume.
At least it is on a mannequin so it can shame me each time I go in my sewing room.

8. Other things to get done are
Laptop cover for me.