Sunday, September 14, 2008

Belt Headdress

Project level-very easy
Always wanting that beautiful head but not having enough money for those Kuchi head bands or metal head dresses?
 I found a cheap way to make one. On this picture here I have a belt. Yes, a belt. You know all those current trends for shiny belts on jeans(fabric,macrame,coins,etc)can be used on your head. I get all the broken or lost belts from work and they work so well for this. I used decorated bobby pins to keep the belt in place.

To make decorated bobby pins here is a link for making them @

Tutorial Here

You can also add jewelry,pins,etc. to hair bands. I added a coin anklet to my diy hair band in this pic(probably can't see it)

Experiment w/it. I have also used fabric trim and pinned my flowers on it instead of my head.

 link to dress up your hair

the costume goddess has a whole book on this @

make your own belt out of polymer clay,2045,DIY_15079_3092290,00.html

Basha made her out of washers and is taking orders@

If someday you get enough for one K-Lee has some beautiful ones @

Shahlah has stunning shell pieces(I have one)@

Aurallynne has gorgeous headdresses w/flowers,falls and other beautiful stuff on them@

Natalie B is back with her original beaded feathered head dresses(I have one)

 Liora head dresses@

Aonochi beautiful pieces(I have two)@



read my hips

check out my diy blog on mermaid hair falls and I have a list of vendors there for more headdresses. Wed, July 5, 2006 - 12:18 PM

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