Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mermaid Shell Bra

Project level-advance
Project list
1.Tan colored string(Joann's)
2.Lots of shells
3.Iridescent colored beads
4.Tan colored bra
5.Clear plastic fishing type of string
6.Buttoneer(look on the diy thread) for info on this device)

 First I must acknowledge Shahlah(she makes beautiful shell belts,bras,head pieces to which I have one) for making this bra possible.
 She gave me time saving advice and saved me from pricking myself a 1000 times if I had used a needle and thread.
I first had to drill little holes in my little shells. I used various type of shells from the beach to bought bags from Joann fabrics.

You have to be very careful so you don't break the shell and make the hole more in the middle so the shell won't break when you thread it through. I then would thread the shells threw my tan colored twine and make knots so they wouldn't slide back and forth.
 I also bought those shell necklaces (found quite of few of those at Goodwill) to put around the edge of the bra and for the belly drape. The middle part is where I used the ones I strung of my shells.

How to make holes in shells
Some use Dremel tool

Using the buttoneer

I tacked on all the string (this took awhile) and added many layers until I liked it. I also strung the shells on clear plastic (like fishing line)string with iridescent beads and tied them around the shells so it looks like pearls.
 I randomly put them and tied them everywhere. I also added fabric to the back of my strap to cover the clasps. I converted the bra into a halter by cutting it half way down the top straps and adding my fabric to the end of the straps. I think that is it.
 I also made a whole costume for this including a skirt, belt, hair braids/falls(including barrettes and other pieces), jewelry.
Costume with Shell Bra

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The ShanMonster said...

Be careful when drilling/cutting shell. If it's dry, wear a respirator. Use wet grinding/drilling techniques. Fine shell dust is an irritant, and dust from mother or pearl is downright toxic, causing fevers and a pneumonia-like disease.