Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Its that time of year to start sewing those costumes. This year I won't be making anything for myself. I just don't have the time. I still have all my old costumes:Catwoman, Elektra, Harley Quinn, Psylocke, Pirate Belly Dancer, Ninja, Mermaid Vampire, etc. I guess I'll just throw a bunch of stuff together. Who knows. Right now I am concentrating on my boys costumes.

 My 16 year old doesn't dress up and hasn't since he was 10 or so. My 10 year old wants to be Dracula from Van Helsing. The 6 year old wants to be Batman but the older costume to which no one sells anymore. My kids always find characters to which there are no patterns for so I usually fudge other patterns to make their costumes. I've made Mario of Nintendo, Wario of Nintendo, Yoshi of Nintendo, Jack Sparrow(before there was a pattern), Night crawler of X-men and the list goes on. So, I'll be busy working on their costumes. Maybe I'll put up pictures of old costume pictures of me.


Anonymous said...

you said you made a yoshi costume? was it for a child? can you make one for an adult? my email is if you have anything that can help me

Erika said...

I made this costume for my son-so yes, for a child. If you want it for Halloween -you do realize thats less than 4 days away?
What did you need help on?
I'll post a pic of the costume. I just don't post pics of my children online.