Monday, September 22, 2008

Tribaret Tassel Belt

Project level-intermediate Project List: Yarn-2 skiens Glass Beads Metallic crochet yarn Fabric Rhinestones Silky Tie belts Rhinestone Pins Fringe Sequin trim Aleene's Jewel it glue I have been working on this for over year. Not exactly this belt but a belt for my two costumes. I started out with black fun fur and that was no good. So I went back and started from scratch. Then one day at Joanns I found this fabric and it came from there. It covered both colors in each costume. I measured the fabric around my waist and added darts to the back and two sides so it didn't pucker and would fit better.I added heavy interfacing. The fabric is also on the inside of the belt. I then made my tassels. Purple and Olive ones in the front and back. I strung them up through some metallic gold crochet yarn for a sparkling effect. I also added glass beads on each tassel and above it. I added the tassels in between the fabric and did a baste stitch so they would stay in place. I then sewed purple fringe to the bottom and sewed by hand sequin trim on top. I sewed silky ties(left overs from work)to the ends to tie the belt together. I added a decoratitive stitch to the top and ends using a double needle.I used black and varigated green thread for the decoratitive stitch. I glued rhinestones on the front. Not to many since a coin belt might be used on top of it. Removable rhinestone pins were added to the tie ends. I have two previous blogs on tassel belts. The first one has all the links for instructions and vendors@ Tue, November 6, 2007

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