Friday, September 5, 2008

Sergemaster 4300

I've had this serger since 1992. I bought it brand new and still use it to this day. Its a Sergemaster 4300. I think Simplicity made this machine. Can't find any information about it because even the website no longer exist for this.
UpDated October 2011-You can purchase through @ my etsy site
etsy site-Erika's Chiquis
Please Do Not Ask me to contact you. I don't check my blog all the time and the info is here if you would like a copy of the manual. I only sell hard copies no PDF! Thank you.
 Anyway, if you would like to purchase a manual(copy of mine) you can go to my etsy site to purchase it  click here.     
New information about the Sergemaster on my blog Right Here


Anonymous said...

I would like to purchase a manual for the Sergemaster 4300. I have inherited a used one, without a manual, and am completely lost. I can’t even figure out how thread it! I sent you an email. Please look out for it (Sergemaster 4300 is the subject) and let me know how I should proceed. Thank you!

Hokon's Family said...

I would also like a copy of this manual. I see that this post is a little old and I'm really hoping to hear back from you. Thanks!

Nancy said...

I need this manual. Please e-mail me with how to get one. Thanks so much.

Erika's Chiquis said...

I tried to e-mail you 3 times and it keeps bouncing back to me.
I'll try again.

Anonymous said...

I also have the same machine. I've had mine for 18 years and I still use it. I am looking for new blades for my machine and can't find them. Do you have any ideas?

Jeff said...

Hi Erika,

I just bought a sergemaster 4300 for my wife but the previous owners didn't have the user manual. I would really like to get a copy if you still have them. Please let me know. I will email you at the address you provided in your web site. Thx Jeff.

Erika's Chiquis said...

Take your blades off your machine and take them to your local sewing machine shop.They should be able to match them up and get you new ones.
Hope that helps.

SB said...

My upper looper broke.(That goes through the green line)
Did it happen to you?
I will appreciated your input.

Erika's Chiquis said...

Yes it did have an upper looper break. I took it to a Sewing Machine store to have it repaired. I now have to get new cutting knife for it.
I strongly suggest taking your whole machine with you to get it repaired.
hope that helped.

Anonymous said...


If you were to buy this same machine today (used), how much would you pay for it? I ask because I know someone who selling one and I want to know if the price is fair.

JoAnn said...

Are you still offering the manual copy? I need one. I just emailed you, too. JoAnn

Erika's Chiquis said...

Like any used sewing machine(serger)if its in good condition and works well -maybe 50.00-60.00.
I've seen them go for as little as 20.00 to 60.00.
It depends on how well it works and how well its taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping you are still offering the manual for this machine. Please let me know, and how much. I so appreciate it.

Randi S. said...

Hi I just bought a Sergemaster 4300 at a yard sale for $3.00. It works great, but there is no manual. I have always wanted a serger but don't know how to use one so I figured I can't go wrong with a $3.00 practice machine. Do you still have a copy of the manual?

Erika's Chiquis said...

I still do. Lmk if your still interested.

Anonymous said...

I need this manual please email me Thanks