Saturday, January 11, 2014

Xmas Quilts 2013

This is my son's quilt that has appliques of jolly rogers and fun things.

Here are my quilts. The pictures aren't very good because this is my new camera that I already hate. I will be buying another one as I can't stand this one.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Sewing Projects and UFO's

New Year and new projects and old ones to finish. I did a great deal of sewing, crocheting, crafting this year. I've been bad at putting photos up of my new stuff because my old camera died. I bought a new one but have not had the time to uploading the program to post photos.

I've actually finished most of the lolita/punk/steampunk/gothic skirts and finished a couple 10 yard skirts. I've made a lot of bracelets, panty liners, diapers that are waiting for me to take a photo of it to be posted on my etsy sites.

I've also finished all of my list last year except for the belly dance skirt and the Mata Hari costume skirt and the Halloween quilt that I want to make.

I tend not to start on new projects and finish old ones. I hardly buy fabric and use up most of the stash I have. I also use up scraps for quilts. I love using what I have.It has gotten to a point that I needed to restock on thread, interfacing and some other necessary things to finish projects because I was either out or low on some supplies.

Goals for Sewing/Crocheting/Crafts this Year:
1.Finish the Mata Hari costume. I will need to take it out and hang it somewhere so I can see it to finish it.
2.Finish the Belly dance skirt I started a while back. Take that out and hang it so it can be seen.
3.Start on that Halloween quilt I have been wanting to make for myself for about 4 or more years now.
4.Continuing to finish projects that are in a clear box. I go through it once a month and finish a few projects in there.There's crocheting,fabric,jewelry,etc projects in there.
5.Start on all the quilts again. I made 8 last year and I already have enough blocks cut out for a quilt already.
6.I bought a new pattern and fabric for a top to make this year.
7.I would also like to make that Lolita Dress that I bought a pattern for.
8.Start on Xmas pj's in September.

So that's my list for this year and I might add to it later.