Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to Use a Wing Needle

This is a very informative tutorial on how to use these needles.From Sewing By Day -info here

Blind Hem Stitch

I always forget how to do this and have to look it up each time.

A tutorial from Make It Love It

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sewing Buttons on by Machine

A great tutorial from Sew 4 Home shows you in many steps and pictures. This is such an easier way to put buttons on.

The Wolverine Movie

Yes, I know he's shirtless in all of them !!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Simplicity Pattern 9447

While on the subject of stuffed animals, I have been working on the Raggedy Ann pattern by Simplicity.
I've been having a hard time on the hair. I haven't been able to sew it on yet. Of course I am not doing the usual Raggedy Ann. Mine has blue hair and smaller eyes and a blue outfit. I'll show you that too when I have that done.

Here's some unusual but gorgoues Raggedy Ann Dolls.

Simplicity Pattern 2394

I bought this pattern a few months ago.Actually I don't remember but like any project I start I forget how long ago I bought the stuff to make it. Anyway, I made the elephant in blue fleece and he's really cute. Right now I don't have pictures but I will eventually will put some up.

It was difficult at one point trying to figure out the head and trunk instructions but after a night of sleep it didn't seem to difficult the next day. (yeah, when you can't figure it out, go to bed).It came out really cute and I plan on making another elephant. I also plan to make a giraffe for a Xmas present.
  I used plastic eyes that you buy and screw in. Very easy. The pattern doesn't take very much fabric either. Nice pattern to make toys for your little ones as fleece is very easy to use.

Here's a pic from another blogger who made the hippo and rhino at Dancing Crow

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Attaching Lace to Lace

I had fun doing this. Don't have a wide enough lace? Just add to it to make it wider. Great tutorial here at Wearing History.

Lace Insertion

I have been playing with ways to put lace on fabric. This is one way of doing it.
This tutorial from Wearing History shows you how.