Monday, September 29, 2008

Tinkerbell Cloth Diaper

My newest diaper up-Tinkerbell.

Mermaid Shell Necklace

Project Level-easy to moderate
Project List Shells
1.iridescent beads-Joanns or other craft stores

3.pearl beads other types of beads that are oceanic like

Sorry the pictures aren't so great but this is the Mermaid Shell Necklace that I was working on and finished for awhile. I wanted something big but more natural than the plastic crap at the stores. Using an already made necklace made out of hemp like string and brown beads on it, I added to it.

I used the fishing line(mono-filament) to string up small shells, pearls and translucent beads on it. I used another string and strung up more beads and including my bigger shells on it. I did a strung up version of coral by stringing some small pearls on then at the top -go down the same strand of beads, skipping the top bead, and then continue doing the same thing through out the necklace to give a coral look. I tied it off at the end to the necklace that I used.
I have a picture of necklace I was looking for here

 Where to buy shells-besides the beach, craft stores, Joanns

Pearls-buy at Joanns or any other craft store
Monofilament-buy at Joanns or other craft stores

other beading projects

Where to buy shell necklaces Shahlah has beautiful shell headpieces and other items
K-lee has some jewelry and some very cool hair shell items(hardcore headpieces) necklaces

there's many places just google shell necklace other Mermaid diy blogs Mermaid Hairfalls
Mermaid Starfish Hair
Mermaid Seaweed Belt
Mermaid Shell Bra Sat, June 7, 2008 - 9:05 AM

Throwing Star Belt

Project Level-Intermediate
 Project List: Fabric-I used Brocade
Belt Buckles
Aleene's jewel it glue
Throwing Plastic Stars(the ones used in Martial Arts)
Okay-I know your going what the heck? Why Not? Well I started making this belt with brocade fabric. I used medium weight interfacing in it. I sewed all around it and added belt buckles on the back and one big one in the front that is actually is used as a buckle since I put eyelets in the front so the buckle knob can go through.
I added chains on the front and back that were gonna be thrown in the trash at work. I then glued rhinestones. The best part is that I was able to use the plastic throwing stars I had bought at my dojo. I thought how cool it would be to use them. I glued them on too. I have more throwing stars and plan on making some more cool things with them.
Sources to buy throwing stars@ Sun, November 25, 2007

Tassel Belt

Project level-Easy
 Project list: Fabric-I used Brocade
Yarn for tassels

This was a quick tassel belt to be worn with my Pirate outfit but I didn't bother wearing it cause I didn't want to ruin it on Halloween.  I sewed my brocade into a casing for the elastic. Sew the fabric inside out then turn and pull it inside out.
 I did my tassels using wool ease yarn and crochet gold yarn for placing them on the belt. I added some beads including dice beads. I then pinned them to my casing bottom and sewed them down.

 I then measured the elastic around my waist and proceeded to take away 2 inches from it so the elastic would fit snug on me. I used a bodkin to put my elastic through because the safety pin was getting stuck in it.

Sewed the ends closed and added a plastic snap to close the belt. I also added a small belt buckle to cover the front. Previous diy blog on Tassel belts including links for making and buying tassels, vendors and more yummy stuff @  or
Sun, November 25, 2007

Jack Sparrow Pirate Bag

Project level-Intermediate(just using one fabric) advance (for the quilt blanket look)
Project List
1. Left over scraps of brocade,skull fabric,pirate fabric skull
2. sword metal pendant
3. white fabric for computer transfers
4.Print and Press iron on transfers medium weight interfacing lining

After seeing a basic canvas bag with a shadow picture of Jack at a jewelry store(selling for almost 20 bucks)I decided to make my own. I used all my left over scraps of fabric from brocade , cotton pirate ,etc and cut them into rectangles and sewed them together. I used a decorative top stitch on most of fabric on one side.If you are a beginner , I suggest just getting one type of fabric or two. for a link on how to sew quilt squares

I then made the back with one side with black so I could put pictures on there. I also added some fabric with Asian writing on it. Sort of POTC 3 look. I had a gown sash from work(yup, they were gonna throw it away) and used that for the lining of the inside of the tote. I sewed and serged that up. You place the lining in the tote wrong sides together.

I also sewed on a pirate skull and sword on the fabric comic print of jack.(left picture) I then proceeded to transfer the pictures of Jack from my computer to my printer -where I put in my special paper for transfers I buy mine at Joann's with the 40%off coupon. I iron on the transfers on white fabric and then sewed them on the bag. I forgot to switch the side of the picture so it would come out the right way instead Jack's Kuchi pendant braid is on the left instead of right. Just remember to switch it on your computer before you print it.

 I made the handles out of the same fabric as the bag. I then placed the handles in between the bag and lining and sewed all around. I stitched back and forth on the handles to reinforce them. Now I have my own Jack Sparrow Pirate bag.

to make a tote bag link


another link

another out of placemats
Sun, November 25, 2007

Rugrats Diaper

Here's the Rugrats Diaper - only at Erika's Chiquis.

Halloween Diaper

More cutie ghost diapers up.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Costume 2

Now the 6 year old wants to be Indiana Jones. Lucky for me I didn't purchase a pattern or fabric for the previous idea of wanting to be Batman. Kids.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Its that time of year to start sewing those costumes. This year I won't be making anything for myself. I just don't have the time. I still have all my old costumes:Catwoman, Elektra, Harley Quinn, Psylocke, Pirate Belly Dancer, Ninja, Mermaid Vampire, etc. I guess I'll just throw a bunch of stuff together. Who knows. Right now I am concentrating on my boys costumes.

 My 16 year old doesn't dress up and hasn't since he was 10 or so. My 10 year old wants to be Dracula from Van Helsing. The 6 year old wants to be Batman but the older costume to which no one sells anymore. My kids always find characters to which there are no patterns for so I usually fudge other patterns to make their costumes. I've made Mario of Nintendo, Wario of Nintendo, Yoshi of Nintendo, Jack Sparrow(before there was a pattern), Night crawler of X-men and the list goes on. So, I'll be busy working on their costumes. Maybe I'll put up pictures of old costume pictures of me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mata Hari Bottle Cap Bracelet

Project Level-intermediate
Project List
Medium Weight Interfacing
Beads-lots of them
Bottle cap
Aleene's Jewel it Glue or other glues
Decoupage glue
Metallic trim
 I have set a goal for myself of not buying any craft,fabric,beads,etc. items until next year. I want to use my stash and get it down and perhaps use more imagination on my projects. Inspired by this diy blog and having saved bottle caps for a few years and wanting to use up left over beads. Take note-Mine is not nearly as detailed, nor as lovely as the diy blog above.
Also, mine is a bracelet and not a cuff. I first added interfacing to one side of my fabric. I then folded over the fabric. I didn't sew it up but left it open so I can sew on it then close it. Why?So you don't see all the stitching on the other side. Sewing by hand -beads on one layer of fabric , I covered the middle part. I choose beads at random. When I thought it was done , I added a metallic trim to the ends and sewed it over. You can see the hand sewn parts on the end but that's what pops out the trim so I purposely did that. I then printed out a Mata Hari picture -I made it tiny. I glued it into the bottle cap. I bent the bottle cap openings more. I first put some glue on the fabric and let it sit for an hour then I glued the bottle cap on top. I added some decoupage glue on the picture and bottle cap to seal it from water.I will be adding matching colored plastic snaps on it soon. you can add hooks, Velcro or other items for a closure.

Some links to make your own beaded bracelets;topicseen

you have to go down a bit more than half way for the fabric cuffs

make a bracelet from vintage bras

bottle cap bracelet using resin in bottle caps

Vendors of bottle cap bracelets Sun, November 25, 2007

Tribaret Flower Headdress

Project Level:Easy
Project List: Trim Flowers
Left over jewelry(got my stuff from throw away junk at work)
 Small chainette tassels
I had been working on this for awhile but never knew what to add. I sewed two pieces of trim together. I liked the little fringe on the ends and it looked to me a bit Hispanic/Native American. I had sewn on some belt pieces on the top by hand. I also added some broken jewelry to the very top(missing earring piece and a clip on earring).I then added some small chainette tassels on the sides. My flowers needed some pin backing so I glued those on. The flowers are removable so I can either ditch them or put some other flowers. I added ribbon on the sides so I can tie it around the back of my head. I usually add bobby pins to keep it in place. I am also making a matching arm band for this. I made this project in my car during my lunch hours at work. That's were I find my time. Previous blogs on head pieces @ Sun, November 25, 2007

Pirate Tempest Corset Belt

Project level: beginner to intermediate(serger)
Project List: Tempest's Corset Belt Pattern
Skull Fabric
Synthetic hair
Asian Coins

I finally finished this belt. I wore it on Halloween minus the braids here

 I used Tempest's corset belt pattern( I love, love this pattern)but only did the four panels. I used Jolly Roger fabric. I applied medium weight interfacing between the panels. I serged my panels but you can sew them inside out or hand sewn them.I then applied the eyelets using a tool I bought.( I highly recommend you practice first on a scrap piece of fabric before applying the eyelets if you never worked with them before.) eyelet tool I used-third picture down@

I added the red ribbon to the corset part and the part to attach my hair. I added an Asian coin then the hair. I braided the hair to give it that Jack Sparrow look. I added some left over look alike chain mail fabric to the braids. That was it. I made a Tribaret Tempest's 6 Panel Corset Belt here First blog on her pattern here Sun, November 25, 2007

Pirate Lace Skirt

Project Level-Intermediate
Project List:
Fabric Lace Fabric
I had been collecting skull fabric every two weeks to make this skirt. Of course with Halloween on the way I was able to get skull lace fabric for the bottom. I basically made this like all my other tiered skirt except using lace in one of the middle rows(Its curtain lace-clearance ; ) ).Its a 10 yds skirt with 3 tiers but with a few more rows than the usual skirt.

Even though I wore this for Halloween I still have a few things to finish on it.The waistband-I did a elastic waist because I had to get it done. Its too bulky and will add my zipper waistband to it later. I also wanted to add ribbon yarn as trim to a couple of the rows on it. I might even add some Turkoman buttons. For more info on tiered skirts@ Tue, November 6, 2007

Tribaret Tassel Belt

Project level-intermediate Project List: Yarn-2 skiens Glass Beads Metallic crochet yarn Fabric Rhinestones Silky Tie belts Rhinestone Pins Fringe Sequin trim Aleene's Jewel it glue I have been working on this for over year. Not exactly this belt but a belt for my two costumes. I started out with black fun fur and that was no good. So I went back and started from scratch. Then one day at Joanns I found this fabric and it came from there. It covered both colors in each costume. I measured the fabric around my waist and added darts to the back and two sides so it didn't pucker and would fit better.I added heavy interfacing. The fabric is also on the inside of the belt. I then made my tassels. Purple and Olive ones in the front and back. I strung them up through some metallic gold crochet yarn for a sparkling effect. I also added glass beads on each tassel and above it. I added the tassels in between the fabric and did a baste stitch so they would stay in place. I then sewed purple fringe to the bottom and sewed by hand sequin trim on top. I sewed silky ties(left overs from work)to the ends to tie the belt together. I added a decoratitive stitch to the top and ends using a double needle.I used black and varigated green thread for the decoratitive stitch. I glued rhinestones on the front. Not to many since a coin belt might be used on top of it. Removable rhinestone pins were added to the tie ends. I have two previous blogs on tassel belts. The first one has all the links for instructions and vendors@ Tue, November 6, 2007

Fairy Hair Falls

Project level-Easy
Project List String-strong enough to withstand bending and small enough to fit beads through Beads -dice -wood -acrylic -metal -glass
Acrylic bead flowers
This is an easy way to use up those left over scraps from projects. I played with this one night. Even though I have done these before previous blog on bead hair falls I wanted to keep playing with this idea. I was also inspired by Lasair's Hair doodles
I just strung beads after tying off the the tassels at the end. Tied knots and then strung some more. I added some leafy acrylic beads and I thought it looked kinda like fairy wings. Tied loops on the top and thats it. For vendors of hair falls go to this link and the bottom has a list, February 3, 2008

Charm/Junk Bracelets

Project level-easy(if you buy all your beads,charms,etc) to intermediate(if you make some of your own beads, charms,etc.)
Project List:
1. 0-rings
 3.toggle clasp for closing the bracelet
4. beads,charms,
 5.left over broken stuff polymer clay to make your own beads
6.shrinky dink to make your own charms
There are many different ways to make a charm bracelet. It depends on what you want to do. A theme? A color? Beads on the wrist or just added to a chain, etc. I like to add beads-left overs-on a chain. I first put them on a head pin and twist them to have a small opening on one end. If the bead has too big of a hole , I add a small seed bead so the head pin won't slip through.

I then add two beads to each 0 ring and hook onto the chain. I add until I like how filled it looks. You don't have to add so many but I like it full. What kind of beads-any kind. I used a combination of dice, plastic, glass and polymer clay beads that I made. I also used metal charms that are from broken,lost or not used jewelry. I also had some shrinky dink charms I made with my kids name in Chinese script on the blue/purple one. I also stamped dragons on some of the shrinky dinks.(yes, even U2 is in there). I may coat the polymer beads to make them shiny.

Here are some links on how to make some

Vendors of Charm bracelets I am selling a few on my Etsy store

really cool ones

Gothic Bracelets Wed, January 2, 2008

Throwing Star Barrettes

Project Level-Easy
Project List
Chainette Tassels
Throwing Stars-Rubber ones with hole in the middle
Glue(I used Aleene's Jewel it)
Wooden beads
Dice Beads
Plastic Beads
Metal Beads
String(I used some hard paper kind used in crafts-sorry forgot the name)
Metal French Barrettes
 I figured I make these into something for my hair. I first glued the metal barrette backings allowing a little of the hole in the star to remain open. I let the glue to sit for 24 hrs before proceeding. I then double strung my string and tied off the chainette tassel on the bottom. I added different beads-wooden,metal,plastic,etc. After I had strung up all my beads, I threaded threw the hole,in the star, the beaded string and tied it off in knots on the back of the star. That was it. I plan on making more -hmmm maybe a whole costume theme. I already have my throwing star belt.

 for French barrettes
 you can also purchase french barrettes at Joann Fabrics or other craft stores
Throwing Stars
throwing stars
Aleene's Jewel it Glue
Vendors martial arts belt barrette Tue, December 4, 2007

Fabric Flowers

Project Level-Easy
Project List Fabric sewing needle and thread buttons or I used rhinestones
 Pattern and instructions found House of Smiths

I thought I try it and the results are what you see. I think if I lined the fabric and double the fabric it would be fluffier. The first flower is brocade and the other two are cotton. I just hand sewed them together and I was too lazy to find buttons so I glued on rhinestones. I think I'll try some ribbon flowers too.

Mon, November 26, 2007

Dances of the World

Czech Republic

Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World

Cote D'Ivoire

Dances of the World

Dances of the World

Cocos Island

Dances of the World


Dances of the World

Democratic Republic of Congo

Photo by Paul Jeffrey

Members of the choir of the United Methodist Church in Kamina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, sing and dance during an outdoor worship celebration.

Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World

Cook Island

Dances of the World

Christmas Island

Dances of the World


Dances of the World

Central African Republic

Dances of the World

Cayman Island

Dances of the World

Cape Verde