Monday, September 22, 2008

Pirate Turkish Vest

Project level-intermediate
 Project list: Fabric
 interfacing lining
pattern -Simplicity 4484

This vest is another I made with this pattern but altered it. Instead of a zipper , I had made it close like a corset. To do this you cut out the middle piece a little bigger so you can adjust it. First add interfacing then another thin layer of fabric -then the lining. Sew the top and bottom-right sides together. I then kept trying on with pins to make sure when I added the grommets-the vest would fit. When it fit correctly -I then sewed the the sides up. Then added the grommets. I suggest practice putting on grommets on a piece of fabric before adding to your final garment. (sorry the pic has only one laced) picture of me performing in it@

 I added grommets to the front so my ribbon could go through it easily. places for grommets besides Joanns -look through and a few options on there
previous diy blog on this@ or has links,vendors , info. Mon, October 29, 2007

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