Monday, September 22, 2008

Mata Hari Bottle Cap Bracelet

Project Level-intermediate
Project List
Medium Weight Interfacing
Beads-lots of them
Bottle cap
Aleene's Jewel it Glue or other glues
Decoupage glue
Metallic trim
 I have set a goal for myself of not buying any craft,fabric,beads,etc. items until next year. I want to use my stash and get it down and perhaps use more imagination on my projects. Inspired by this diy blog and having saved bottle caps for a few years and wanting to use up left over beads. Take note-Mine is not nearly as detailed, nor as lovely as the diy blog above.
Also, mine is a bracelet and not a cuff. I first added interfacing to one side of my fabric. I then folded over the fabric. I didn't sew it up but left it open so I can sew on it then close it. Why?So you don't see all the stitching on the other side. Sewing by hand -beads on one layer of fabric , I covered the middle part. I choose beads at random. When I thought it was done , I added a metallic trim to the ends and sewed it over. You can see the hand sewn parts on the end but that's what pops out the trim so I purposely did that. I then printed out a Mata Hari picture -I made it tiny. I glued it into the bottle cap. I bent the bottle cap openings more. I first put some glue on the fabric and let it sit for an hour then I glued the bottle cap on top. I added some decoupage glue on the picture and bottle cap to seal it from water.I will be adding matching colored plastic snaps on it soon. you can add hooks, Velcro or other items for a closure.

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