Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tribaret Tempest Corset Belt

Project level-intermediate(easy if you do it differently than me)
Project List Tempest Corset Belt pattern Brocade fabric colored eyelets Skeleton Keys(Lowes)
Chinese Coins Yarn
Wooden and Plastic Beads
Glitter Paint
Ribbon Yarn
 I finally get to show you the belt I made to wear on top of my 27 yd skirt. I used 6 different colors of Brocade fabric-2 blue,2 green and 2 purple. I used the "sew them inside out look"-no serging. I added interfacing to make it stronger especially for the eyelets. I then added Chinese coins on the bottom of the belt to add items to hang.

 I added tassels of yarn. Four rows-2 in front and 2 in the back. Each tassel row had four tassels-one blue,one green,one purple and one with a little of each color. I added wooden beads to the tassels and the yarn holding the tassels , I added plastic see through beads(unfortunately glass beads holes are too small to use). I then added glitter paint on the front of the tassels for that Tribaret look. I also added skeleton keys to the sides for the pirate look. I used black and white ribbon yarn for the corset part. A lot cheaper than trim or even ribbon.

 I wrote a previous blog on Tempest's pattern I have lots of more info on the link above
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