Monday, September 22, 2008

Pirate Tempest Corset Belt

Project level: beginner to intermediate(serger)
Project List: Tempest's Corset Belt Pattern
Skull Fabric
Synthetic hair
Asian Coins

I finally finished this belt. I wore it on Halloween minus the braids here

 I used Tempest's corset belt pattern( I love, love this pattern)but only did the four panels. I used Jolly Roger fabric. I applied medium weight interfacing between the panels. I serged my panels but you can sew them inside out or hand sewn them.I then applied the eyelets using a tool I bought.( I highly recommend you practice first on a scrap piece of fabric before applying the eyelets if you never worked with them before.) eyelet tool I used-third picture down@

I added the red ribbon to the corset part and the part to attach my hair. I added an Asian coin then the hair. I braided the hair to give it that Jack Sparrow look. I added some left over look alike chain mail fabric to the braids. That was it. I made a Tribaret Tempest's 6 Panel Corset Belt here First blog on her pattern here Sun, November 25, 2007

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