Monday, September 29, 2008

Mermaid Shell Necklace

Project Level-easy to moderate
Project List Shells
1.iridescent beads-Joanns or other craft stores

3.pearl beads other types of beads that are oceanic like

Sorry the pictures aren't so great but this is the Mermaid Shell Necklace that I was working on and finished for awhile. I wanted something big but more natural than the plastic crap at the stores. Using an already made necklace made out of hemp like string and brown beads on it, I added to it.

I used the fishing line(mono-filament) to string up small shells, pearls and translucent beads on it. I used another string and strung up more beads and including my bigger shells on it. I did a strung up version of coral by stringing some small pearls on then at the top -go down the same strand of beads, skipping the top bead, and then continue doing the same thing through out the necklace to give a coral look. I tied it off at the end to the necklace that I used.
I have a picture of necklace I was looking for here

 Where to buy shells-besides the beach, craft stores, Joanns

Pearls-buy at Joanns or any other craft store
Monofilament-buy at Joanns or other craft stores

other beading projects

Where to buy shell necklaces Shahlah has beautiful shell headpieces and other items
K-lee has some jewelry and some very cool hair shell items(hardcore headpieces) necklaces

there's many places just google shell necklace other Mermaid diy blogs Mermaid Hairfalls
Mermaid Starfish Hair
Mermaid Seaweed Belt
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