Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dracula-Bite Me

Well another sleepless night. So I figured I try to find pictures of Richard Roxburgh's Dracula from Van Helsing. I love that movie and Richard steals the movie. I especially love the ball room scene. He's very naughty and sexy in that scene. That scene is so damn gorgeous-the costumes, the dancing, the building,etc. I'm trade places with Anna-go ahead and bite me! Anyway, my son wants to be Dracula. I'm trying to find good pictures so I can start on the costume. Maybe find some pieces at Good will. Since I was looking for pictures , I also found a nice one from Dracula with Gary Oldman. I love him has Dracula too.I really love long hair on him.(Harry Potter 5-He's looked so damn good as Sirius). Oh, that movie had some awesome costuming too. Oh, and that scene where they are dancing, sigh. Anyway, I guess I have a thing for Dracula. So if you happen to see anymore pictures of Richard's Dracula-please tell me.

I've added all the pictures I have of the ballroom scene here
Dracula Bite Me 2


cindy said...

i loved that movie! i don't care how many times people tell me it was bad, i LOVED it!

sue-me-for-being-a-girl said...

I loved that movie too and i plan on being Dracula for halloween too. I'm focused mainly on the shoes. Any ideas?

Erika said...

Well my son used those rain boots for children. I bought a used pair at Goodwill and it worked well.
You can buy those boots at a lot of dept. stores or you can go to websites that sell costumes and they might have it.