Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sergemaster 4300 New Information

I've been trying to find out more about my machine and now I know it was made by Simplicity. They have a side line of sergers called SergeMate. I found some sites to find parts including bulbs, knives/blades and other items. Here is the site to find  attachments.
Shoppers Rule-(I don't know anything about this site except they sell the snap on Sergemaster 4300 attachments for the serger).
Elastic  attachment foot
Blind Hem Attachment Foot

I've also found out that the Sergemaster is similar if not the same in parts and attachments with the following sergers.
Simplicity(SL stands for Simplicity)
SL 803
SL 803 SP
SL 804
SL 804 D
SL 804 DE
SL 804 E
SL 804 SP
SL 843
SL 4350 D
SL 4360 ED

Babylock (BL stands for Babylock)
BL 202
BL 302
Bl 4350 D

4350 D
5040 L

Similar or exact -you will have to look because it is hard to get a definite number.
Lower Blade Part # 412749
Upper Knife Part # 330404

Upper & Lower Knife 61425,61398

I found this one site with attachments and parts called Sewing Parts
You can use some of those Serger numbers above to compare to the Sergemaster 4300 to get your blades or parts. I'm sure you could also contact them to make sure you get the right parts for your serger.

Here's their site with all their serger attachments. Serger Attachments

Simplicity parts here
BabyLock parts here

There's always ebay to find your accessories too.

If you would like to purchase a manual(copy of mine) you can go to my etsy site to purchase it  click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have this exact serger and I want to sell it. I'm not sure what the value is for it though.

I bought it brand new many years ago and barely used it. Do you know anyone that would like to buy it? Or can you advise me of the value?

Thanks, Ruth

Erika said...

Hi Ruth:
Sounds like your machine is in great shape. Do you have all the accessories and manual for it? If you do you can sell it for more.
I've seen this machine sell between 35.00(low end) to 95.00(high end). I've seen it sold on craig's list, goodwill auction site, ebay, etc. So you could sell on these sites and see how much you get.

Unknown said...

Hey I have this exact serger and I wanted to get some spare lower knife blade for it. Can you link me the ones that are compatible? I'd really appreciate it.