Friday, December 24, 2010

Shrink It Karate Earrings

Project Level:Easy

Project List:Shrinky It (any color)


sharpie fine point pen

nail polish clear

Ear wire

wire 20 gauge

I made these earrings a couple of years ago so they a bit worn out and I don't think I added the polish on them so they the karate kanji is disappering.

All you do is cut a piece about 2 long by 1 inch wide shrinky dink. You can make it bigger or smaller. You can also do this on black shirinky dink and use a gold marker. Write what you want but I choose Karate in Japanese Kanji. I think Chinese,Japanese and Arabic lettering is beautiful. I know there's other languages with beautiful lettering too. You can search it up-very interesting. Also don't forget to make a small hole on top either hole puncher or some other type of puncher.

For instructions on how to shrink shrinky dinks go to

After it cooled you can assemble your beads on the wire and then use either o-rings or the wire itself to connect it. I didn't use 0-rings so it is an extra.

Good place to find words in Kanji is

Need help with wire

To find beautiful earrings made in shrinky dink check out

just type in shrink dink earrings

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Expendables

This movie rocked!!! It is a totally manly man movie. Lots of martial arts, weapons , explosions, muscles and sweaty men. As you can see from the poster, there are lots of famous action heroes in it. I heard they are making a second movie. Oh yeah!!!

Go see it!

The A Team Movie

I love the movie. I watched the originally show in the 80's when I was a teenager(I loved all the actors from that T.v. series). I was very happy with the cast choice for the movie. They did an awesome job. Of course I love Liam Neeson and loved him in Taken. He's a great actor and a great looking guy and he plays Col. Hannibal Smith. Originally played by the late George Peppard in the T.v. series.

The movie showed how they got together and worked together as unit in the Army. Then we see how they are framed. Unlike the T.V. series where they are serving in Vietnam, the movie deals with them in Iraq.

Capt. H.M. Murdock (Sharlto Copley) is crazy has ever. Originally played by Dwight Schultz in the T.V. series(he makes a funny cameo in the movie)

Bosco,B.A. , Baracus played by Quinton Jackson.This was big role to fill since this role was originally written for Mr. T in the T.v. series. Unfornately, Mr. T doesn't make a cameo.

Last but not least, Lt. Templton "Faceman" Peck played by Bradley Cooper. Always the ladies man. Dirk Benedict played the original Face and yes, I had a crush on him. He still looks good and makes a cameo in the movie.

Go watch it.


Mark Harmon


Hugh Jackman

Steampunk Earrings @ Erika's Chiquis

Here's photos of my new earrings up on etsy.
Check it out @ Erika's Chiquis

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Items Coming to Erika's Chiquis and Los Chiquitos

I am showing some of the stuff that are almost or are done that are waiting to be put up on both
Erika's Chiquis and Los Chiquitos.
I have new chokers, skirts, arm warmers, diapers, soakers, crochet wipes,etc..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Erika's Chiquis and Los Chiquitos on Etsy

I am promoting my stores this Holiday Season with not only a sale on each of the stores-
(for details on the sale Nov.1 -Dec.15 go to Los Chiquitos and to Erika's Chiquis )

but also a 10% off sale in both stores with etsy coupons. All you need to type in for
coupon section is BlackFriday2010 and it will automatically take off the discount.
This will be Thanksgiving until Dec. 15.  Take a look and hurry.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dracula on Etsy

Here are some Dracula themed stuff on Etsy that I liked.

From Christine Hall Designs-Mina Harker's Red Dress Gown
From Blood Drop-Corset Monster Top

From Monster Buckles-Vlad the Impaler Belt Buckle
From Persephone Plus- Dracula Earrings
From Urban Eye-Dracula Cuff Links

New Cross Stitch Book Markers

I put up some of my mom's cross stitch book markers today.
They are here@
Los Chiquitos

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY Xmas Presents

I've been already Xmas shopping. Well if you count fabric for homemade gifts.
Anyway, I need to put out a list and will show you my results from each one.
Items I need to make:
 3 Quilts-including 2 Queen size ones
 2 Shirts-Men's shirts
 3 Pj's- top and bottoms to two of them and one bottom  only
 1 knitting needle holder-probably gonna use my own pattern
 1 bag for knitting supplies-my own pattern again
 1 crochet Sponge bob scarf-I started last year and didn't get a chance to finish.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope I get it done. I did it last year and should do it this year.
I'll be posting my progress on this soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NCIS on Etsy

Gibbs Color
Here are a few unique things on etsy geared toward the Ncis Fan.

Handpainted yarn in each of the charcter's color scheme
This is from See Jayne Knit Yarn

Here is a Abby Doll from Santa Stitch

Abby Doll

Last one for now is a tile necklace collection of the cast(minus Ziva) of Ncis.
This is from Janitorgurl's Jewelry.

Ncis Broken Arrow

Now if you haven't seen the episode-Bye-Watch it first then come back.

Photo by Michael Yarish

For those who have it is a very good one with Tony's Father in it. He is funny in this one.
Flirting with Ziva-even asking Tony if they were a couple and when Tony said no- Dad said he would take a shot.  Poor Tony.
Of course my favorite part is when Tony's Father is going out with Ziva to this fancy party undercover. While on the steps there Tony Sr. puts his hand on Ziva's back then her bottom to which Ziva raises his hand back to her back. Tony Sr. just turns around and smiles to the camera where Tony Jr. and McGee are watching. Not only did he get away with it(you know Ziva would hurt anyone else) but showed off to his son that he could get away with it.
Oh, and now you know Abby's father is past away-her speech about forgiving him for anything just to have him back was sad but giving Tony good advice. I like episodes like this-family members.

Now go watch it on your computer on