Sunday, November 6, 2016

Riddler Costume Part 2

Here is how I did the jacket. I bought a green jacket at Goodwill. It was the cheapest way to go. I looked at buying a suit on ebay and they were too expensive. I printed out some question marks from this applique here. I used cotton black fabric, black interfacing and then heat bond . After ironing them I then  had to cut out each question mark and iron it on the jacket. I was going to do green pants then didn't have the time. I might improve on this costume for next year.
You can also buy the question marks made here

I then ironed on one on the hat and added a purple ribbon around. Bought this hat at the dollar store during weeks before St. Patrick's Day.
Monty Fam 6 sells them on etsy.

I also bought the tie at Goodwill. You can iron a question mark on it but I decided not to.
There are many vendors on etsy who sell them.

Bought it off etsy from Nokturnel Eclispe

Used a wooden letter S and shaped it to a ? mark. Painted it silver, cane part black.
Monty Fam 6 sells these to here