Friday, August 21, 2015

Unique Hair Elastics

I use hair elastics all the time and since I do, I wanted to add a little fun to it.
So I started making my own and started selling them on my Etsy site Erika's Chiquis Jewelry.

So if your thinking about some unique items for your hair , here are some examples of what I have.
Owls here

Jolly Roger here
Cupcakes link here

Green Combo here

Skull here

Bob the Builder here
Skull animals here

Mario here

Aliens here

Geisha Link Here

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DeadPool Costume

I made my son's DeadPool costume a few years back but I still remember the basics to sewing it.

I used Knit fabric for the hood and the top. What I did was cut out all the top pieces out first in the burgundy knit fabric. I used a sweatshirt pattern -perhaps even a pj top pattern to do this. For example the pattern below.

I added the cuffs to the wrists myself but here is a tutorial from Whipstitch to help you out.


Before putting the whole top together I needed those patches of black in it so I eyeballed it. I cut out pieces of black knit and fused it on the arms with fusible web. Link on how to do that here.
Is is also called heat bond and you can buy it at any craft store, Joann's and even Walmart.

Sorry I don't have that costume anymore so I can't check but I might have sewn it on in a few areas.

As for the hood , I used a costume pattern to make it out of and eyeballed the pattern on that. It's just making sure it fits , black knit around the eyes(heatbond) and making sure your child can see. It took many tries to make sure it fit right.
Simplicity has a free pattern here for you to download and you can redo it for your Deadpool hood.
My son just wore black jeans as he did not want me to make the pants. I did make a holder for his toy swords using fabric and webbing. I made pouches for his belt that you can't see on the picture.

Ideas for the belt and harness

On Deviant Art by Jin-Saotome-check it out here

You can buy the template(pattern)from The Foam Cave here

As for the back harness double cross sword holder , I just sewed up some pockets to hold the swords and then sewed webbing to it. No pictures for it but this is how the back looked like. You can see that he has the straps around his shoulders.

If your looking for a more detailed way to make a Deadpool costume I would check in on the Cosplay chat rooms.

You could also use this Captain America pattern from Simplicity to make the Deadpool outfit.
simplicity `1030
 Or buy a it through Simplicity  here

Monday, August 10, 2015

Topsham Fair, Maine

It was this August 4-9. Simple little fair in Maine.
Ferris Wheel
The Zipper
The Fair at Night.
Exhibition Hall
Steer and Oxen Pulling. These animals are just pure muscle.
The petting zoo with goats and sheep.
Mama Sow with her 10 day old babies.
The Pirate ship ride.
The Emu's who were very awesome to touch and watch.
Their owner was very cool telling us about his two Emu friends.
Now I know where Spielberg got the growling noise for the raptors in Jurassic.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

6 Things that Make Summer Awesome



Flowers and Beautiful Gardens

BBQ's and Eating outside

Add  to do this that your doing it with your  family which makes Summer awesome.
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Halloween is Getting Ready

I visited a couple of Craft Stores this weekend and Michael's had lovely items displayed. I took some pictures because they had the best displays so far of the ones I saw.

 Halloween Town Displays
 They had some beautiful wreaths and this was just one wall.
Lots of awesome small items for display like these skull displays. Follow Erika's Chiquis's board Halloween on Pinterest.