Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sewing Laundry Room Organization Tour

This is my door into my sewing room. You've seen most of my hallway going into my room here.

This is my door of doll clothes that I revamped and next to it are hooks that hold special bags I made.
Here is my wall of cassettes, Jack Sparrow doll, metal press and in the crate my records. Also, those blue containers have my projects ready to go as some are already started. The 6 pack soda bottle container has all my glues. New to this part is the cover on the crate which I didn't have last time. Photo before here
These are all my pin cushions. I like having a variety to choose from.

This is my sewing area. I have two sewing machines and two sergers. I redid my desk top with mason jars and candy jars. I didn't like the old containers. I also have containers for pens, scissors, pliers and some sewing helpers. Under my desk is my snap machine, manuals in folders along with project instructions. I also have other containers underneath neatly stowed away. This is how it looked before here

I found this shadow box at Goodwill and turned it into a sewing foot holder. I love how it looks and it is so much easier to find the foot I need. The other shadow box is for some special buttons.
 I bought this paper mannequin at Joann's and just decorated it. The other covered candy dish contains stamps and the other glass container contains floss on clothes pins.

 This is another new item in my sewing room. I took out that old sewing table and revamped it for my jewelry in my bedroom and put this computer desk. It works out great holding different kinds of things including crochet hooks marked in a glass jar. My ribbon fits all in this small container. What a difference than having it in those bulky rolls. Here is what this part of my sewing room looked before here.
 This back part is also a laundry room. The hanging baskets are for each member of the house. Once there wash is folded into the basket they have to get their clothes. I was tired of having laundry everywhere wondering what belong to each family member. The bottom pic has my blocks for quilts on top along with fat quarter in the purple container. The closed bin at the top has my patterns for appliques. There is one box for projects not done like fabric bracelets, pantie liners and other stuff. The one container is yarn and the bottom is flannel for diapers and pantie liners.
Here's how the laundry room entrance looked before here.

This is my new system of scraps. I use to have it in a shoe bag and I didn't like that. Here it is easier to get to. Plus anything too small goes in a small bin that is in the black dresser that is usually used in quilt blocks.

Here are photos of my fabric. I like the bolt idea and did it to all the fabric that was just folded in that area under my sewing machines. When I had it folded it would always fall over if I picked a fabric to use plus I can see what I have. The bottom pic has brocades on one container, superhero fabric in another and the last one has all my Halloween fabric. The containers on top are container to take photos to post on my etsy stores, one to put snaps on projects and the last container is for items needing to be finished.
My mannequin waiting for me to finish this Mata Hari costume.

Here are all my paints in order and my lace all wound up on cards which looks awesome and saves room.
My sock organizer. When I don't find its companion within two weeks it goes away.

My room has about 100 or more items dangling from the ceiling and most of them are wind chimes. My family hates it cause they hit their head on them but they don't need to be in here anyway. I have led lights everywhere which make it look even cooler at night. I tried taking some pictures but they didn't come out to well by here are some of them.

I love all my hanging items on the ceiling.

My Raggedy Ann dolls and my stuffed elephant. I love making those.
Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing laundry room. Next time I will post where I got the ideas and instructions on some of the organizing I did in my room.

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