Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elf Xmas Stockings

I think these are so cute and pretty. I've made my kids a few but I think it is time for new ones.
From Sew form Home -There's also a link for a sewing tutorial.

From Blonde Design tutorial here

From Home Sweet Home Diy tutorial here

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mason Jars Ideas for Xmas

Xmas Sales @Los Chiquitos,Erika's Chiquis, Erika's Chiquis' Jewelry

 If you need an awesome gift -shop Etsy. I have bought most of my Xmas gifts on Etsy. I can't tell you right now what they are just in case my family reads this but I find it so much easier to browse online and find something handmade.

I  am having a 10% off sale in all my Etsy stores from Nov. 27 through Dec. 3. Come and visit. There are many gifts under 10 dollars in all 3 sites.

Cloth Diapers, Cross Stitch Bookmarks, Pillowcases, Crochet Washcloths, Panty Liners and More

OOAK Patchwork Skirts, Dance Hair Accessories, Crochet Corsets, Wrist Warmers and More

Steampunk/Gothic/Pirate/Vampire/Belly Dance and More Earrings, Hair Pins, Pony Tails, Bracelets, Chokers, Necklaces & More

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Xmas Ideas

Xmas Ideas to make the most of Xmas.

1. Instead of buying people some junk that they will never use, donate that 5.00 dollars or whatever you want to spend, to a charity in their name.
2.Make handmade gifts for family members like cookies, cakes. Simple handmade items like scarves, bags, pillow cases as they will appreciate it more than store bought gifts.
3. Ask your kids if they will either make or buy some gift(some charities will take used stuffed animals in good condition) and donate them to charities that give to kids who don't have much. Think hospitals with sick children, Child centers for abused children, Military families with a loved one away for Xmas. It would mean a lot to these children. Perhaps your local church sponsor's families.
4.Make Xmas ornaments,cookies or other items with your kids instead of buying them. I had a blast making the glass ornaments with my boys.
5.If you do gift cards-why don't you buy grocery or gas cards for that person. Many of us had our butts saved with a gift card for gas when we are broke.
6.Help out an elderly neighbor who has a hard time during winter. Maybe offer to drive them to the grocery store or shovel their steps when it snows.
7.Handwritten letters with your Xmas cards. It is nice to receive a hand written letter.
8.Go to one Xmas event that you really, really want to go. Skip the rest. Go to a production of the Ballet Nutcracker or the Symphony Orchestra or a nice fun party that  you want to go to.
9.Don't spend what you don't have. Make sure you take care of your household bills and other bills before you buy that gift. As much as it sucks -your bills won't take a holiday.
10.Most of all, enjoy your time with your family. Have fun celebrating Jesus's Birthday.

Grinch Had the Right Idea

    I really don't like Christmas. Why? Maybe it has to do with working in retail for over 12 years . Maybe it's because I am a woman who has to do all the cleaning, shopping, wrapping, mailing, searching, setting up and whatever else is involved for Xmas to happen. Maybe it's because I'm an adult and can buy anything I want on my own and really don't want anyone spending money on an unthinking last minute gift that will go to Goodwill.

  With the onslaught of horrible Xmas commercials and the pushing of Black Friday for over a week, I feel the disgust. Yes, I think waking up early on the day after Thanksgiving for purchase of more stuff I don't need is stupid,(by the way most of us with a life have to work on that day  or thoughtful people spend time with family members who came to visit). I hated working on Black Friday when I was in retail. With the overflow of  grouchy customers not getting what they want and/or not getting rung quick enough. Heaven forbid you asked to get relieved after 5 hours of ringing up people for a break.
The constant bombardment of spend,spend,spend and purchase this expensive gift for the one you love so they will still love you has made Xmas such a money machine driven holiday. What happened to just enjoying each other's company for one day?

  I miss handwritten mailed Xmas cards and no, greetings e-cards do not count. Also, the gift card  to stores that you never step into is another lack of taking time to care. I miss handmade gifts like cookies or candy or other delicious things that melt in your mouth.

  Anyway, I will mail out my Xmas cards that are handwritten, make my gifts and hopefully have the day off on Xmas Eve so I can sit down and not worry about anything and just enjoy the hanging out with my family and perhaps maybe I won't be such a Grinch but I still think he had the right idea.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Marbled Xmas Ornaments

Pouring paint inside the glass ornament.

With his fruit punch mustache, Sean shakes the paint inside the glass ball to spread it.

Nice mess, huh.

Still shaking the paint in it.

Pouring more paint.

Adding purple to his blue ornament.

Shake , Shake , Shake.

This is my dinning room table squished with glass ornaments painted by my kids but mostly my 9 year old. As you can see from the photos he enjoys making them and the mess with it. I suggest if you do this craft with your kids make sure they wear an old shirt and pants. Also make sure you cover your table very well . I used newspaper underneath with a pizza box on top.

This craft creates nice results. Your kids can pour all  kinds of color in there and it ends up looking great after it's been mixed.
We  made about 50 ornaments and I will have them make more. 

I used Joann's Fabrics acrylic paints(about 59 cents each) and you can add medium to the ball before you pour the paint inside but it is not necessary. I suggest letting the glass balls dry for about 3 days and make sure you empty them of excess paint inside.

I will be wrapping ribbon around them and then hanging them on our tree this coming week.

Xmas List-Part 2

This is the fabric I am making my kids pj pants from.

Working on my handmade Xmas List.
Here's the list and the update.
1. 3 Quilts for family members.

a. two are cut out( almost done -just need to sew the backing to it)

b. one is sewn up just needs the backing(DONE)

2. 2 Shirts for my dad.

a. need to cut out

3. 3 pj's pants for my boys.

a. need to cut out(All done -just need to hem and add elastic)

4. 2 Spongebob scarfs

a. both crochet but need the face part done(Can't find them-need to look for them)

5. 1 t-shirt front to a sweatshirt

a. need to cut out sleeves

Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Fabric

Can't help myself. Love Halloween Fabric.

The Gorilla, The Banana and the Circus Ring Leader-with a little help from Sonic

Here's a photo of our costumes together. Only my 9 year old doesn't quite fit with all of us but he was adorable anyway.
Hubby is the gorilla, 13 year old is the banana and me.

We had fun walking around but hubby had the greatest time hiding and playing with the kids trick or treating. He scared a few but took of his mask for the children who were very scared. What's funny is he even scared adults. Yeah-that's what Halloween is about.

The banana and gorilla costume were rented from Drapeau's Costume shop in Lisbon . Absolutely awesome costume shop.  I also rented the red petticoat under my skirt and my son's Nurse Joker dress.(Yes, I'll have the photo up soon).
You need a costume-you need to definitely go there. I had to rent the Nurse Joker outfit the same day and she opened early for me and got it for me in about 10 minutes. Yeah-cool huh.

Circus Female Ringleader-Gorilla Tamer Costume Part 2

Here's some of the last minute prepartions of this costume. I needed a corset looking  waistband. I sewed this on after gathering the bottom half of the skirt. I then added ribbon to it to make it look like a corset. I then added lots and lots of tulle and did a rollem hem in red.

I wore a red petticoat underneath. It was so much fun swishing through the streets with this on. I had two pairs of leggings including a striped black and white pair with my big lace up black boots. I added flowers to the top and rim of the top hat and added a scarf around it of sequin chiffon. I made the necklace which I'll someday write up a tutorial for.

Day of the Dead Costume

I needed to dress up for a party the next night after the Gothic Steampunk Halloween Ball. So I quickly assembled this piece.

I added flowers all over my head with a sequined chiffon headband.

Joker Costume Part 1

I made this costume about 10 years ago and still keeps my family happy.
The first pictures are of my 13 year old son as Joker. I had to sew up the pants back because he's very slim.
My hubby dressed up as Joker too but added a top hat for the Gothic Steampunk Halloween Ball. I let out the pants so he could wear them.
I dressed up the for the Ball as Catwoman but no, I don't have any photos of me.
I bought the green shirt at Goodwill. I made the vest out of simple vest pattern and the coat. The coat was a bitch to make at the time. Now I don't think I would have problems since costume patterns have been made better. You could use the current coat patterns to make Joker's coat. The pants , I remember making from a zoot suit pattern. I don't have any of these patterns anymore so I can't give you details.
Enjoy-oh-my son also did Nurse Joker.

Sonic the Hedgehog Costume -Part 3

Here's the finished product. He took off the white gloves as it was getting too hot.

Erika's Chiquis' Jewelry

I finally opened a store for my jewelry and small hair accessories. Just like when my store was overwhelmed with Los Chiquitos items, my jewelry needed another place to be displayed. Now Erika's Chiquis is easier to access patterns and other items. I am still tranferring items from Erika's Chiquis to Erika's Chiquis' Jewelry and I probably won't be done by the end of Nov. so you can still purchase them from Erika's Chiquis.