Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mermaid Skirt

Project level-Easy
Project List Fabric-cotton,brocade,etc.
Ribbon-for bottom tier
Zipper-7 inch or 9 inch
Pattern-Butterick 4954

I made this skirt using pattern 4954 from Butterick.

  I used blue brocade fabric for a mermaid feel. I had lost the bottom back piece and the top front piece so I had to use the other patterns to make the front top and bottom back.
The bottom back tier should have been longer the way the pattern shows it but I probably would have hurt myself tripping on it so it was a good thing I didn't bother.

It was pretty easy to sew up though I didn't use their pattern for the waist band(lost that piece too) and just did the turn over look instead. It was probably better that way as the pattern comes up high in the front. pic of me in it here

I've come to the conclusion that mermaid style skirts are not for me(at least the ones that have a vertical attached piece). I feel not only restricted in them(I know you can make it out of stretch fabric)but they are not flattering on me. I can do a pencil skirt really well but this pattern just doesn't do it for me.I might try the one piece mermaid skirt in the future. I will probably take this skirt apart and make it into something else.

Patterns for mermaid skirts

free pattern

free pattern

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