Monday, September 22, 2008


Project level-Very Easy
Project list: Panty hose or tights Depending on how you make yours,you may need elastic.

 Since I bought some kids tights at a Goodwill store, I didn't need the elastic. I took out the seams at the crotch then cut out the excess of the tights so they just went up to my upper arm. All I did was cut out the toe part up to the end of my palm and cut a small hole in the side for my thumb. That was it. I normally don't wear these but I thought they be great for my vampire mermaid costume. pic

  Many dancers use fishnet pantyhose. With fishnets you don't really need to cut the toes out since you can slip your fingers through the holes. Some dancers like to make it more of a choli so all you do with that is just cut out the crotch. link to topic on fishnet tops@
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Anonymous said...

Nice post, your link to the Argoth site doesn't work though! :)

Erika said...

Just made it clickable
thanks for lmk