Monday, September 22, 2008

Charm/Junk Bracelets

Project level-easy(if you buy all your beads,charms,etc) to intermediate(if you make some of your own beads, charms,etc.)
Project List:
1. 0-rings
 3.toggle clasp for closing the bracelet
4. beads,charms,
 5.left over broken stuff polymer clay to make your own beads
6.shrinky dink to make your own charms
There are many different ways to make a charm bracelet. It depends on what you want to do. A theme? A color? Beads on the wrist or just added to a chain, etc. I like to add beads-left overs-on a chain. I first put them on a head pin and twist them to have a small opening on one end. If the bead has too big of a hole , I add a small seed bead so the head pin won't slip through.

I then add two beads to each 0 ring and hook onto the chain. I add until I like how filled it looks. You don't have to add so many but I like it full. What kind of beads-any kind. I used a combination of dice, plastic, glass and polymer clay beads that I made. I also used metal charms that are from broken,lost or not used jewelry. I also had some shrinky dink charms I made with my kids name in Chinese script on the blue/purple one. I also stamped dragons on some of the shrinky dinks.(yes, even U2 is in there). I may coat the polymer beads to make them shiny.

Here are some links on how to make some

Vendors of Charm bracelets I am selling a few on my Etsy store

really cool ones

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