Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Costumes Toy Story's Woody and Jessie Part 4

This is where I started on the cuffs for the sleeves. I used thicker interfacing on this yellow fat quarter. Then I used red trim and sewed it on. This has two layers.

I sewed it on the cuff on the edge. So for any reason this shirt could be taken apart and used again as a white shirt.

I had some white buttons that I added to the cuff and then made a button hole for the cuff. So it works along with the sleeve underneath it.

As you can see here how I sewed it to the edge of the shirt sleeve.

This is the parts for the front of the shirt. I was going to heat bond it but ended up sewing it on instead.

I did the same thing with the collar fronts like the cuff using a heavy interfacing iron on and then added the trim.

I sewed up the edges so all I had to do was sew it on the shirt.

It came out a bit uneven but at 1:00  in the morning I didn't care anymore.

This is the finished shirt.

Jessie's hat. I bought a black kid's hat at Goodwill. I had to paint it red with spray paint. I let it dry for a day. Then I sewed the ends up with cotton yarn and added the middle part with some trim. I have all this stuff in my supplies so I didn't have to buy anything for this except the paint.

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