Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Costumes Toy Story's Woody and Jessie Part 3

I used a polyester fabric which I should have stuck to a cotton fabric because poly can not hold up to the very hot iron. I used heat bond to put the fabric on the pants and in one part I left the iron on too long that it burned a little of the fabric.

With Fabric Glue
With Heat Bond
Here's a pic of the first time I did them with fabric glue and then I did the heat bond because the fabric glue sucked.

Here are the belt buckles that I made out of felt. It's the stiffer felt. I drew the picture on one piece then sewed on another piece with slits on the back so you can slide it on a belt.

As you can see the slits on the back here.

I will post the rest of Jessie's costume in my next post.

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