Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sewing Room Organization Part 2-Pin Cushions

Pincushions are a great way to organize needles. I made a few extra for looks but they also could be used. I found that the simple tomato pumpkin looking pincushion is the easiest to make.

I found this tutorial from Martha Stewart  to make this pincushion. I found this the best way and easiest to make a pin cushion.

As you can see from my pincushions I added  ribbon instead of thread through the middle part of my cushions. I also played with my pretty ones by adding tulle, pearls and other decorations to make them whimsical. I also have a magnetic pin holder which helps when I'm too lazy to put my pins in the right cushion.
Photo from Gippsland Granny

The other cushion I have is a wrist one which I don't really use that much but it is great for when you are pinning an item on someone. Tailors use these a lot. As you can see from the photo from Gippsland Granny there are many ways of making your own. From you can get a pdf pattern here just scrolling down through all the free patterns.

Green Bee has a tutorial here to make this cute tins.

The other tin is mini sewing kit that I haven't quite finished yet. I made it from a sucrates tin.
I had this tin and wanted to make something cute. It isn't has cute as her tins, Green Bee, but it works.

Sophie Online has a tutorial here to make these.

Now there are many other kinds of pincushions including finger pincushion made out of bottle caps.

Looking to make some pin cushions, the Domestic Diva has a whole list of tutorials on her site here

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