Sunday, July 15, 2012


I am trying to get to get a new line of diapers up in my etsy shop Los Chiquitos. I am also trying to put up new NCIS stuff in my etsy shop Erika's Chiquis Jewelry. I have things made but need photos for my etsy shop Erika's Chiquis. I seem to have less and less time. With a full time job and my family(you know the drill-dishes, laundry, bills, cleaning, etc) and the farm animals , I don't get half of the stuff done that I would like too.

   Anyway, I plan to have the new items up in all the shops by the end of July. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Things

Here's a few of the new things I've finally finished and put up in my etsy stores.
From my Erika's Chiquis Jewelry Shop.
From my Los Chiquitos Shop

I don't have my new stuff for Erika's Chiquis up yet but I'll put them when I do.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to make Steampunk Victorian Spats

By Animus Panthera tutorial here

2nd part of tutorial here
From Mrs. Greene this lovely pattern for them.

from ModCloth and sewing version here
from Ambiguous Shades of Gray another sewing version here
from Thank you for not being Perky this sewing version

Monday, July 2, 2012

Clear Containers for Storing

I finally took the plunge and bought a clear container for my brocade fabric. After the third time of it falling over because it is so slippery I needed another way of storing it. I like clear containers as you can see what you have but it can look messy to if you just stuff everything in there.

Old system of storing brocade fabric

Here are some other sewers/crafters/knitters etc who use clear storage containers.

From Kim's Crafty Apple

from Victorian Quilt Designs

from About . com

from Contemporary Traditions

From A Winding Thread

Patterns to Sew

I bought this pattern on etsy about an year or two. I was looking to make this dress below.

So maybe towards the end of summer I could get started on this.
I would also like to make this top.

This is the blouse I want to make from this pattern

Photo from Encue Creations

Review of the Pattern from Gorgeous Things

Crochet some Sandals

From Antique Crochet Patterns this interesting pattern for sandals. I like how it isn't a over the toe one. Probably the hardest thing would be finding the wedge soles for this. You can take an worn out pair and just reuse the soles perhaps? With sandals, I usually wear out the straps before the bottoms.

Pattern by Andrienne Davis. Little Bucket Creates has her pattern and this photo is the result of her work.
Cute aren't they. Pattern here.

How to Crochet Fishnet Stockings

This is a pattern by Nicole Cormier and this is the pattern-July's Socks. She crochet this while riding in a vehicle.

Cassiem on Crafter did the pattern and there's more info and photos of it there.