Saturday, August 29, 2009

Van Helsing's Dracula and Indiana Jones Diy Costume

Here are the pictures of last year's costumes of my boys.
Erik was Dracula from Van Helsing. Yes, thats his own long hair. I made the coat, the shirt and vest and hair barrette. I bought the pants and boots at Goodwill. Mini Dracula .
Sean was Indiana Jones. I didn't make a thing for his. I bought his pants, shirt, shoes and hat
at Goodwill too. I dyed his pants and shirt. Oh, the jacket he owned already. I made his Indy bag too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Diapers@Erika's Chiquis

I have about ten new diapers to post if my stupid computer would upload them but the stupid thing won't. The wire in the upload part(forgot the name) broke.
I'm so tired of computer now. One just died in June and now this one won't work to put new stuff up.
So up, I had to buy a new one. A notebook one for hubby so have to wait until I get a hold of him or I mean his computer and I will have new stuff up tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's Whats Coming!

Okay, I've updated the U2,Bono and Hugh Jackman tribes.
I've updated my Dances of the World.
I've even put up new items on etsy even with my internet going out most of the day.
There's so much more coming and here are some pics of them.
Keep checking back for it.

Topsham Fair Part 2

We ended up going to the fair again.
We ate again at Bob's Famous Fries and a Cajun Food Place.
Most of the animals were gone by a few were still there including a few goats, chickens , ducks , rabbits and piglets with their big mama pig. Also, a huge boar pig that weighed like 985lbs. He was a big boy.
I also took a picture of this incredibly awesome Halloween Quilt.
It was made by Jennifer Smith of Bowdoinham. Each monster was detailed:Dracula was in a velvet suit, Wolfman had fur, The mummy had some awesome looking old cotton fabric and the headless horseman had a detailed suit on. The witch was cool too. I love this quilt and I do have more pictures to post of it soon.
Thats it for the this fair this year.
See you next year.

Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World


Dances of the World

photo by John F Kennedy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Martial Arts and Middle Eastern Dance

Photos of my solo combining Martial Arts and Middle Eastern Dance. I used Sai this year. I always wanted to learn sai then to use it in dance was fun.
I made the skirt, the fringe belt, the top, the Japanese coin necklace, hair flowers, hair sticks, flower tassel barrette and Hakama pants.

Brunswick Show

Photos from the Brunswick Show in June. This was called Phoenix Rising and was created and choreographed by Leigh.


I'm still down my computer but dh is gonna let me use his biz for putting up new stuff in my etsy store, tribe net diy, blog diy and etc. First off Etsy Store I have new skirts to post, new diapers, new headbands, new patterns. Tribe and Blogspot diy tutorials I'll be updating those this weekend too with Hakama Pants ,Japanese Coin Necklace, Karate Earrings and Necklace ,Tribaret Bra Will update my Dances of the World photos, U2,Hugh Jackman and Bono tribes.

Kayra Danza

Aepril Schaile

Zoe Jakes

Monday, August 10, 2009

Martial Arts Etsy

BRUCE LEE Karate KUNG FU Martial Arts Photo Collage Printed Strapless Dress by Fashion Rocks[]=tags&includes[]=title
Aikido in kanji - stainless steel pendant on natural leather cord
by Beads Ocean
Anime pin-up girls, Chic kawaii ninja teens on red, large tote bag with key leash by Haute Totes

Topsham Fair

Spent the entire day there.
Kids had lots of fun.
Rides, pig scramble, ice cream.
We ate alot especially's Bob's Fries.
Here's one pic of the massive steers there.
More info on the fair -Runs from August 9 to August 15.

Got Blood?

Fourth Annual
American Red Cross
Marathon Blood Drive
at the Cinemagic in Westbrook
When I left on Sat. afternoon-They were at 300 pints. I'll update later today.
Total collected was 383 pints.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mermaid Etsy

Mermaid Tail by Earth Song Designs

 Mermaid Ball Series by Cary Martin Designs  Mermaid Tutu Dress by Tiara's Tutus

Mermaid Headpiece by Sooty's "Dress-up" Friends

Mermaid Stained Glass Window by Windows 2 the Soul

Some of my Mermaid favorites.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bellydance Etsy

Mojave Dancing photo by LJ Design Photo Indigo Daydream Headpiece by Studio Shakti Tribal Bellies by Hopei Images

Flying Skirts Photo by Honey Tree

Beautiful Metal Kuchi Dance Bra by Amy Olson Here are some of my favorite Bellydance items from Etsy artists.