Friday, August 30, 2013


Opens September 6

Update Just went and saw this movie last night. If you don't want spoilers -don't read on. Anyway, it starts out with Riddick left on a planet injured.He explains with flash backs what happened with the Necromongers. I actually thought the movie was about this but it happens to be more like Pitch Black(the first movie in this series). The story with the Necromongers looks to be another movie in the future. Even though I liked the movie , I was still a bit disappointed that it was so much like Pitch Black.Still worth to go and see and I hoping the next one deals with the Necromongers or we get to see him go back to Furia.


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ways to Tie Back Curtains

Here are some unique ways to tie off your curtains. I'm using cuff bracelets and I love it.

How to Make a Patchwork Duvet Cover

I am making one of these to cover a boring ugly white duvet I have. So until I'm done I'll show you some others.
Thred Hed here
Budget Beautiful Diy here

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adding Flowers onto Drawer Knobs

I've done this to two of my dressers.This is an easy way to spruce up a dresser. When I get a chance I'll show you my dressers. Here are others who have used this idea.

Twirl in a Patchwork Skirt

Here's another one of my pinterest boards. Love Patchwork skirts. I love anything patchwork. Pinterest board here

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lamps, Lanterns, Wind Chimes n More

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Displaying Doll Clothes

From Hello Kirsti here

 I made a bunch of doll clothes a few years ago and never really used them. I wanted to display them in my sewing room and my hallway found a few ways to do this. Again, when I get my camera I'll show you it. I put a couple in shadow box frames for the hallway and the others I hung up in a clothes line style on the back of my sewing room door. Here are some photos of others who have done the same.
Dolly Be Mine here

Apartment Therapy here
J Comptom Gallery here

Musings From Kim K here

From Linda Applewhite here

Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Redo a Jewelry Box

From Legally Brunette here
From Country Farm Lifestyles here
From Happy Day Vintage here

I've been looking at different photos of redone jewelry boxes.

I've looked at repainting , decoupaging, gluing stuff to it and I've done all of those.
From Fave Crafts here

Sheek Geek here

Diy After

So for now I link you on ways to update and redo your jewelry boxes.