Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Los Chiquitos Cloth Diapers

After making diapers since 1999 online, I've decided to set a date on which I won't make them anymore. I plan in two years of selling off fabric and diapers. So the plan of retiring just the diaper making from Los Chiquitos in 2018 June. Why? I don't have as much time anymore and I rather sew other things. My youngest is almost 14 and I really like to pursue something else. Perhaps even more costume making.

So, I have already posted some of my fabrics on I will be putting up a lot more. I still will be making diapers but I will post the prints I really like and all of them will AIO one size. I got to the point I don't care for custom made. Why? Because you have to make something a certain way instead of just sewing whatever you want. Since I've stopped the custom diapers it has been fun making them. Of course I don't make as many and that is okay.
Anyway, check out the fabrics @ LosChiquitos

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt

I am about to make my youngest son a T-shirt quilt for Xmas. Yes, I start early. I like how this one came out and she gives instructions beside making them for you.
Goose Track Quilts for instructions or purchase.