Thursday, February 26, 2009

Penny Handflowers

Project Level: Intermediate
Project List:
 Pennies or any other type of coin
Split rings matching your coin color (you can also use 0-rings)
Drill press or drill(make sure your wear goggles and that you know how to use it)
Pliers(to hold your coin while you drill and to open split rings)
Jewelry Chain

Just to let you know these bracelets are also called slave bracelets but I prefer hand flowers. This is another item I made with pennies. You can use any type of coin but remember some coins from certain countries will be harder to drill because of what metals they use in their coins. The best way to make holes in them is to use a drill press. Previous blog on drilling coins

Erika's Chiquis blog-
Tribe Blog-

Make a pattern then line up your coins on it to see where to drill your holes. Some coins will need more holes than others depending where it is placed.A good way to open split rings is with pliers. Slide the coins in one at a time. Try on to see if you have enough coins to go around your wrist.Add your chain to the top coin's split ring. Measure it around your 3 fingers and add or remove chain links to fit.The coins that go around your wrist is where you add a toggle and ring. Add two split rings to the coin that will hold the large ring for the toggle.

Links on how to make hand flowers Tatted Hand flower tutorial
Wire Hand Flower tutorial

Vendors There are many vendors but if you want hand made go to etsy

Monday, February 16, 2009

Geisha Choli 2

Project Level-Intermediate
Project List Fabric
This is like the Bi-color Cholis I made before. It took me awhile to figure out what to do with this fabric. Its so pretty but hard to find a matching teal color for it. I finally did and made a matching Hakama for this outfit.This was for a dance with martial arts fused in it. I basically did the same steps as the bi-color choli except adding a teal fabric trim on the bottom hem,cross over fronts and arms.

You have to constantly check the fit with this so its not too short on the hem and ride up and that it properly fits all around you but yet is flexible for you to move in. I added hooks on the front which I didn't on the bi-color choli. I love these tops and probably will make more later. Another great thing with these tops, you can wear your bra right under them. For free patterns, information and vendors of all kinds of cholis, check out my previous blog on them

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009