Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How to Make a Yoshi Costume

I made this in 2006 so I can't remember complete details but I will try to explain how I did this one.
Fleece fabric in green, red and white
Paper bag to draw your pattern for spikes
costume pattern for body(check out simplicity has they have the most options)

This pattern I did was my first whole body costume alteration. I have done Teletubbies, Monkeys, and a Flower. Even though I did those I never did an alteration to a costume. So I had to figure this one out. So I kept a picture of Yoshi.

Using a pattern like these below

 Costume pattern comes with spat and gloves.

As you can see the patterns are better now and you could alter one of these for it especially the dinosaur one for spikes. You could also alter the front for Yoshi's face which I chose face paint instead.
My pattern included gloves which the first pattern Simplicity 2855 has. I also think that it is the pattern I used.
My spikes were hand drawn on a paper bag cut out in red fleece.
I then filled up with stuffing and sewn on the back. Same way was done for the shell on the back.
               You could also purchase this pattern from Burda(e-pattern only)for a turtle costume for the back of Yoshi.
You could purchase it here

Sorry I can't  better explained but its been 12 years since that costume and that child is now a grown man of 20. Sigh, I miss them being small at times.

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