Friday, August 29, 2008

Machine covers

Sew hip community-Skeletor cover by Miss Jillie
I need to make covers for my machines. I have one thats not long enough and another thats plastic. I like to make some pretty ones and since I need to cover 4 machines that would be awesome looking.
Crafty Daisies has some cute ones too
Instructions again
Whip Up has cool pictures of covers and links to go and make them
Trans-craft-inental has a beautiful quilted one
The Sporadic PackRat has a cool crazy quilty type of one

Bucket Covers

Want to make one of these so I can store my old 30's patterns and put some of my stuff in pockets. Actually could make one for each craft I do. One for jewelry, One for stamps, One for crochet and yarn. hmmmm Here's a free pattern

Wire Bracelets

I've been playing around with wire since the late 80's and been trying to do jewelry since then. I really got better at it in the middle of the 90's and now I'm still okay but know so much more than before. Also back then you had to go to the hardware store and buy that wire. It was either silver or black. Now you have colors galore. Some quick references of links to make and blogs knitting with wire-Samantha Bear chick using memory wire Leslie Todd-wire wrapping

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Unappreciated and taken for granted - doing housework is a pain. Why, because as soon as everything is almost done there's more. Plus, everyone thinks your done in a flash and its no big deal. Cleaning a bathroom to four males is a big deal plus all the animals, dishes, laundry- need I say more.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gored Skirts

I made this skirt out of some beautiful green cotton and satin. I sold this one right away and its been my last gored skirt for awhile. I am debating on making more but what do you think? I also made a pink and blue one-cotton candy -but that was commissioned.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tribaret Head Piece

Sigh Made this for me but I don't need anymore belly dance stuff. I made this during my lunch hours at my old work. Its out of trim, lots of hand sewn bling, removable flowers and tassels. More here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Asian barrette

New one up on etsy

Pirate Barrette

Here's my lastest creation up on etsy. Pirate Barrette. Use it for everyday or for your costume. Argh

Escrima Dragons

I would love to get these blue dragon escrimas. Cool huh! Got to save up for them.

Metal Bangle

I really like to make these soon.

Spring Show

Kasilma Dance -Music by Okbari I made 5 of the skirts here, 2 tops and 2 Turkish vests. I just love all the color. Beautiful ladies!!

Pirate Belly Dance

Argh Yes, we dance too. A picture of my solo from 07 and the 2nd from Halloween 07. I had pirate barrettes, Jack Sparrow hair stuff, pirate hair combs, pirate coin drape and so much more. I have it written down somewhere with all the stuff I had and what I made on tribe. Anyway, can't forget the other pirates Jack and Adam Ant.

Image Catchers

Leigh and her husband are awesome photographers. Here's what she took of me and I love it. Here's Leigh and her husband's other work too.


I just love these pictures. Nuff said.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Paperwork sucks!!! I'm almost done a job that has taken an average of 3 hrs a week for the past two months. Wait did I finish that other cabinet?

Designs by Tessa

About a year and half ago I bought on auction at ebay a pirate hipscarf. I love that scarf and wear it to class all the time. I had e-mailed Tessa to post her pirate hipscarves on tribe and asked about her website. She said she didn't have one. I'm like but your stuff is so gorgeous. Well she sent me her catalog when she sent my hipscarf and I still have it. She makes up to 40 yards at the hem panel skirts. 40! So I copied her catalog so all of you can drool at her stuff. Oh, by the way she has done at least two costumes for Ansuya! Her site on ebay Her e-mail is

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Martial Arts & Dance

Photo by Jaiyana I did fuse Karate and Belly dance together for my last solo. It was nerve wracking cause I really couldn't practice it totally since I was using a bo staff. I used the bo like a cane for half of the dance and used it like a bo in the other half. Unfornatetly , you can't practice with a bo in your house so you have to go outside. Outside is a problem when there's still snow or when your husband's business has all kinds of people in and out of here. I felt uncomfortable having people watch since I was practicing. I even had one guy drive by doing movie martial arts noises and I went in after that. I did it but next time I will have to see about a place to practice. Oh, and I did make my whole costume except for the hip scarf. I will blogs on tribe for the Hakama pants, Geisha top, karate necklace and earrings. I already have a blog for my throwing star barrettes. Speaking of which there's a tribe where there's martial artists and belly dancers on it and a awesome dancer with both skills-check out her vids too Morgana Tribe


Shihan Di Tony Fournier and me Speaking of it earlier, my teacher's wife said to the fact that he was having a birthday. So I asked how old and he said he was gonna be 50. I'm like really??? I thought he was around my age, not that his way older , since he has one daughter in college I figured at most 5 years older than me. I'm like thats cool-cause he's in awesome shape. I also have a fellow student who said she was turning 50. She looks awesome and way younger for her age. So I can say for some-Karate makes you younger. Wanna see my school? Fournier's Leadership Karate Centers

Pasta Machine

I bought a pasty machine for making better polymer clay jewelry. I really like polymer clay but I always wait on buying stuff for a hobby until I know I really like it. Then I appreciate it more cause I know more about it too. Hell, it took me 7 years to buy a really new , nice Gi for Karate. Some great sites for using a polymer clay pasta machine Cleaning it more on using it Cindy Lietz Blog

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Compleat Belly Dancer

I borrowed this book from the library. Its from 1973. I haven't read it yet but its mostly an instructional book. I love the pictures in it but its too bad they don't say who are the gals in the pics. I am assuming its the authors but theirs two of them. The Complete Belly Dancer by Julie Russo Mishkin and Marta Schill

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Old Diy Skirts

I started selling diy skirts again. I used to sell them on ebay but I like etsy way, way more. These pictures are of ones that I sold a couple of years ago. My newest one is the mermaid one @ and I will be making more and in not in little bitty sizes either.

Blue Flower Bag

Seems like everyone is using fabric bags now. I've been using them for years but recently started selling them. Here's my first one

Monday, August 18, 2008

Diy Projects

Photo by Leigh of Image Catchers-copyrighted photos of belly dancers She takes the most beautiful pictures. Here's my Diy Project Blog on Its 95% belly dance things but thats quite alright.

Blueberry Lime Bracelet

Here's my Blueberry Lime Chinese Script Bracelet. I just love these colors.

Pirate Bracelet

Here's my pirate bracelet including a bottle of rum. I enjoyed making this and I supposed to make one for me but when do I get time.


Here was a huge order this past spring. She cleaned me out of knits but I like it that way. I actually got back into my diaper business(not that I ever left) because of this order. my site Jennifer of Buzzie Bee Diapers is awesome. Check out her site @