Saturday, April 28, 2012

Collage your Shoes

I saw a photo of this and had to take a second look. I love the fabric used to cover this shoe and the bells n tassels on the top just make it lovely. These are shoes you can actually wear.
Want to know how to do this? Check out Glitter SweatShop

More photos of before and after collage shoes

There's lots more information, photos and ideas on the website about how to redo old shoes. It's a really nice website with great information. Check it out.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sewing Room Storage Ideas

More photos here @ Apartment Therapy Check out how organized this room is.
From Design Mom -lots of random photos of different things but lovely to look at.

More storage photos and ideas here

There's lots more photos including a closet full of nicely organized folded fabric @ Sew We Quilt

Sew Many Ways-here

Little Ella Lu-here

Gone Aussie Quilting-here

Stitch This -here

Sew Me Something Good-here

Sewing Sheds

Check out more photos inside of it from Shannon's blog Happiness is

From Country Pleasures-has more photos and ideas
I don't know if you would consider these sheds but there's more photos of fabulous building like these from Holtwood Hipster
Oh my goodness-this would be an awesome sewing shed. From Find Home Building-there's more of these gorgeous things.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lovely Small Barns and Sheds

Check out all the photos on this site including a gorgeous cottage@ My 30A Realtor

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How to Make an Aviator Cap for Steampunk

I thought this would a cool project to do. Of course I don't know when I'll get to it but thought this would help out others looking for links on how to do this.

This Pattern is from Cristophine. Here's a photo of  the cap. Link for tutorial is below.

From Annie Cycle
She made a pattern and a tutorial on how to make it here.

Tutorial from Project Run and Play here

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How to Make a Circle and Bustle Skirt

Now I haven't made either yet but I looked all over cyber space  for some patterns to see about making something new. I am always wanting to make something new even though I don't usually get to keep it for my self.
I found a nice  website called Cut Out + Run. I have stopped before at this website but I actually took a longer look at it. I really like how a step by step is shown on how to make the project you picked. Not all items posted have instructions  as some crafters choose to just show their work but many do share a tutorial on how to make it. 

Here are some bustle skirt projects that caught my eye.
From Becca K

From Lisa F

Now for the Circle Skirt Patterns. I first want to post a Circle Skirt Calculator since this has been my greatest pain trying to figure this out. Patty from The Snug Bug posted a whole article on types of circle skirts but she has a calculator that can be downloaded on Excel to figure out the inches needed to cut  a full circle skirt, 3/4 circle skirt or half a circle skirt.

Now for some patterns again from Cut Out + Keep.
From Karlene C. a layered circle skirt.
From So this Newspaper Skirt is more Gothic/Steampunk type.

So there  you have your links to some awesome tutorials for making some great skirts.

Saturday, April 21, 2012