Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year-Finish Projects 2

Well, I did finish numbers 1 and 2 projects and part of 4. I actually cut out all this projects fabric. Yes, I'm on a roll and now I plan to finish these projects(except the Halloween Quilt) by Summer.

This isn't the correct photo for it as these quilts are done but you get the idea. I actually found out after I cut the fabric out for it that I had enough fabric for 3 Xmas quilts. Now I have no idea who wants a Xmas quilt or another type of quilt. I'm still making the 3 quilts as I made 7 quilts last year for Xmas. I'm sure someone will want it for Xmas. I'll decide later who. So for the month of February, my goal is to finish the 3 quilts and it is okay if I go into March to finish them. Since I will have to purchase fleece or flannel for the backing of it. 

Anyone else have a goal for this coming month? Tell me about it. 
On here are some links to blogs with the same idea.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy Quilts n Other Things

While surfing the web and checking out crazy quilts, I came across this blog.  What a gorgeous quilt.

From Kitty Me Designs -Pamela Kellogg-take a look here too
I have been working on my to do list and actually finished my son's sweatshirt. At one time it was going to be hoodie until my son let me know that he doesn't like hoodies. I also didn't know I was almost done with it except for the ribbing on the neck and sleeves. I would have shown you a picture but my batteries died on my camera and my kids took all my spare batteries. I'll be posting it later this week but at least I finished my project for this week.
I also finished another project from my list. I finished my shirt that at one time I wasn't even going to make. I'll get a picture of that too. I'd also found green fabric for a second shirt that I was going to make. Will I make it? Most likely.
One last thing I did was almost finish that pirate dance top that was on my list. I had a skirt to finish for a customer so I kinda went wild with the rolled edge on my serger. I actually finished rolled edges on a few things from a pirate skirt I made years ago, on my petticoat and some other fabric while I had the black thread on it.

So later this week I  will put pictures of those items. I am ahead of schedule on my to do list. I guess treatening myself to burn that fabric if it isn't finish is one way to get me to finish it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unique Raggedy Ann Dolls

These are all from Barbara's Dolls on Etsy. I love them all especially this mouse eared one with yo yo arms. She also makes beautiful sock monkey dolls. You really need to check her out.

I 've been using a Simplicity pattern 9447 trying to make me some cute raggedy Ann dolls. I am having such a hard time with the yarn hair and the sewing it on her head. I'll post pictures if I ever get it done.

Kimono Quilt Block Patterns

I've been wanting to make just a block of a kimono and not necessary a quilt. Here are some of the ones I've been looking at.

Designed by Diane Webber , this pattern can be bought here

From Cozy Egg blog her finished quit, This quilt design is by Betty Blais.
This is absolutely gorgeous. More information about the pattern here
A pattern by Stephanie Novatski. There's a free pattern on there a this site
Here's a finish quilt from the the Material Girl.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year -Finish Projects

I blogged not to long ago about my projects that were sitting and waiting to be finished, some for years. Well each month I will try to post a progress on that list and try to finish a project either each month or in a couple of months. Reward for doing that?Hmmm-well let me finish them first and I'll think of something.

For January
  I really would like to finish up my son's hoodie. It is perhaps 1/2 way done.
So by Jan. 31 this project should be done.
Hulk looks angry that I haven't finished this.

Anyone else would like to join in finishing a ufo/phd this month, I would love to hear about it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monster Doll Pattern

I know,I know I shouldn't be doing other projects when I have so many waiting to be finished. I can't help it and a plus- I used fabric I already had. Once in while it's okay to do something different.
I made a monster doll out of pattern from McCalls 5826.

It was pretty easy. The only confusion was that I had to keep certain patterns pieces with certain bodies. As long as you mark those pieces you are all set . I don't tape my patterns together but pin them instead. Tape would rip the pieces once you took them apart.
I used cotton fabric that I had laying around.I also used some felt(found on a t-shirt from my youngest in the wash? Yes, I have no idea where it came from -probably school). Had to buy some Dmc floss for the mouth which I had a hard time doing since I haven't done that type of hand sewing in a long time.
I had stuffing laying around too. It didn't take too long maybe an hour in half because I had to cut out the pattern pieces.
I used one cat eye for my monster.

Isn't he cute. I'll make another one soon. Yes, I know my eye is a bit crooked  but he is still cute.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Still Undone

Happy New Year.
Here it is 2013 and I looked at what I posted last year. A list of projects I wanted to get done last year and didn't. UFO/PHDs as always are the sores of a sewer's/crafter's life. Projects that maybe we want to get done or perhaps don't  stay in limbo until we decide.
This is my last year list here

I didn't finish anything except for the quilts. So here I will try again this year to finish the following projects or just set them on fire at the end of the year and just forget about them.

1.My son's been waiting for this sweatshirt for two years now. Luckily he is old enough that he won't be growing anymore so that has saved me. I do need to finish this soon before it rots in my sewing room.

2.I still debate over this shirt and I am going to make one. I want it done for summer the short sleeve one.
I shouldn't have to much trouble making it except for the arms.

3.While these quilts are done, I have some fabric that has been sitting there for at least 3 years waiting to become a quilt. Xmas clearance fabric I bought to make a quilt. I think I'll make that quilt for hubby this year. I'm still waiting to make that Halloween quilt for myself but every time I look at my big stash of Halloween fabric, I don't want to cut it.

4.Yes, the costume still waiting to be done. Sad how this one sits and sits waiting to be finished. I still have to finish the skirt that goes with this too. When? Maybe by this summer I'll have it done???

5.Yes, this is still waiting to be finished. How sad because it probably doesn't fit anymore but I didn't finish the waist band on the skirt. I hope the top fits or maybe I just need to visit the gym. I really want to finish this costume this year. Maybe by summer too???