Friday, November 30, 2018

DIY Crochet Hook Organizer

I'm always trying to make my sewing room even more organized. I really didn't like the way I had my crochet hooks in a glass jar. I couldn't tell what number or letter hook  I had for my larger hooks and I also didn't like the jar method for my little hooks either.

I found this blog from Confessions from a New/Old Home Holder and her Diy Crochet Hook Holder is

I made mine different in that I just got a block of wood from my husband's wood pile instead of stacking a bunch of small pieces of wood. As you can see , I also painted it the same color as hers.

This is from Craft Works and Work working

I saw a crochet hook organizer on etsy. They are very beautiful and awesome but did not have enough holes and the larger sized ones were too big and out of price range for me. So using my husband's drill press I made my own. I used a piece of scrap wood, 1 inch drill bit and spray painted the wood at the end. That was it.

Here is a pic of the one from etsy from 


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