Friday, December 25, 2015

My Craft Show Displays

This was the first Craft fair I ever did. I didn't have my banner finish and I this was towards the end when I already put some stuff away.

I had the drawers on the table but as I said I was already started to put stuff away. I used some extra chairs to display some stuff.

This is photos of my 2nd craft show. I had my banner finished, my earring display mannequins and an extra table for displays.

Things I learned from the school craft shows is that everyone wants stuff cheap. So I sold items that were 5.00 dollars or less. So next time I won't bring any diapers, pillow cases, cross stitch and anything basically over 5.00 dollars. The first show I did alright but the second one tanked. (It paid for my table and gas). There were too many craft shows that day and this was a smaller one which I will Not do again.
 I might do some Autumn craft shows instead of December ones because there is too much competition in December for all the craft shows. I will add another table for up front and just sell my hair accessories, earrings, duck eggs and basically just inexpensive things.

What worked for me
-Having candy for free(keep kids coming back and buying more hair accessories)
-Suitcase Display
-Different displays like the mannequin earring and my mustache sugar skull brought attention
-Extra table and lights
-Having a 100 dollars on me(50 dollars in 5's and 50 dollars in ones-had many big bills)I also took credit cards
-Little baggies that fit my small items(they were those treat bags from the dollar store)
-Having prices displayed all over with colored clothes pins
-Bringing something to drink.
-Bringing my own extension cords

What didn't work for me
-Lights being held by clips(2nd time I used safety pins-worked great)
-Having more expensive items.
-Not having an extra table in the front and using a chair
-Doing the 2nd show in December
-Not having more Xmas items(but that is why I am going to do more Autumn ones).

Merry Xmas

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