Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

I didn't do a photo shoot of the progress of this costume. Here's how I made Jack Skellington's costume.
I purchased a black jacket and pants at Goodwill. I taped off stripes with painters tape on the pants and jacket. It took a couple of cans of white spray paint to get it down. I waited for the paint to dry. It took about two days.
  I bought the skeleton hands and I made the bow tie. Here's a link for the bow tie including the pattern to cut it out here

Sally costume was time consuming with sewing fabric quarters together. It is a little big here because my Sally costume had to be able to accommodate layering. It's cold here in Maine. Anyway, the pattern I used was Simplicity 3833

Here are the costumes.

Simplicity now sells a pattern to make Jack Skellington's outfit.
It is Simplicity 1039

Dracula Van Helsing Costume

I made this outfit for my middle son back in 2008. I wrote some of it up  but not a detailed link.
I don't remember the coat pattern or the shirt pattern but I'm sure they are no longer available so I will put up some alternatives.

A pattern like Simplicity 4762 would be great for the vest. Instead of buttons just replace it with frog closures like the movie.

A great site to learn to make your own is here

I've had these frog closures already so I just added them. They were in blue instead of black but I was in a hurry to finish this so I used what I had.

I don't remember what pattern I used for the shirt. I didn't make a full collar, I used a mandarin collar.
You could  use any shirt pattern and don't make a full collar. I used satin fabric but any black fabric would do.

I also made the coat. I don't remember what pattern I used. I bought my fabric at a discount store including the fleece lining inside. My son used it after for winter since it was warm. The frog closures I made myself and they were time consuming but it came out close enough.

The finally look of the jacket
This picture is with the shirt and vest inside of it.
This coat pattern from Simplicity 2333 could be used for the coat with a little modification.

Here is my son in his costume. I bought the boots and pants at Goodwill.