Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

I didn't do a photo shoot of the progress of this costume. Here's how I made Jack Skellington's costume.
I purchased a black jacket and pants at Goodwill. I taped off stripes with painters tape on the pants and jacket. It took a couple of cans of white spray paint to get it down. I waited for the paint to dry. It took about two days.
  I bought the skeleton hands and I made the bow tie. Here's a link for the bow tie including the pattern to cut it out here

Sally costume was time consuming with sewing fabric quarters together. It is a little big here because my Sally costume had to be able to accommodate layering. It's cold here in Maine. Anyway, the pattern I used was Simplicity 3833

Here are the costumes.

Simplicity now sells a pattern to make Jack Skellington's outfit.
It is Simplicity 1039

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