Monday, September 29, 2008

Jack Sparrow Pirate Bag

Project level-Intermediate(just using one fabric) advance (for the quilt blanket look)
Project List
1. Left over scraps of brocade,skull fabric,pirate fabric skull
2. sword metal pendant
3. white fabric for computer transfers
4.Print and Press iron on transfers medium weight interfacing lining

After seeing a basic canvas bag with a shadow picture of Jack at a jewelry store(selling for almost 20 bucks)I decided to make my own. I used all my left over scraps of fabric from brocade , cotton pirate ,etc and cut them into rectangles and sewed them together. I used a decorative top stitch on most of fabric on one side.If you are a beginner , I suggest just getting one type of fabric or two. for a link on how to sew quilt squares

I then made the back with one side with black so I could put pictures on there. I also added some fabric with Asian writing on it. Sort of POTC 3 look. I had a gown sash from work(yup, they were gonna throw it away) and used that for the lining of the inside of the tote. I sewed and serged that up. You place the lining in the tote wrong sides together.

I also sewed on a pirate skull and sword on the fabric comic print of jack.(left picture) I then proceeded to transfer the pictures of Jack from my computer to my printer -where I put in my special paper for transfers I buy mine at Joann's with the 40%off coupon. I iron on the transfers on white fabric and then sewed them on the bag. I forgot to switch the side of the picture so it would come out the right way instead Jack's Kuchi pendant braid is on the left instead of right. Just remember to switch it on your computer before you print it.

 I made the handles out of the same fabric as the bag. I then placed the handles in between the bag and lining and sewed all around. I stitched back and forth on the handles to reinforce them. Now I have my own Jack Sparrow Pirate bag.

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