Monday, September 22, 2008

Throwing Star Barrettes

Project Level-Easy
Project List
Chainette Tassels
Throwing Stars-Rubber ones with hole in the middle
Glue(I used Aleene's Jewel it)
Wooden beads
Dice Beads
Plastic Beads
Metal Beads
String(I used some hard paper kind used in crafts-sorry forgot the name)
Metal French Barrettes
 I figured I make these into something for my hair. I first glued the metal barrette backings allowing a little of the hole in the star to remain open. I let the glue to sit for 24 hrs before proceeding. I then double strung my string and tied off the chainette tassel on the bottom. I added different beads-wooden,metal,plastic,etc. After I had strung up all my beads, I threaded threw the hole,in the star, the beaded string and tied it off in knots on the back of the star. That was it. I plan on making more -hmmm maybe a whole costume theme. I already have my throwing star belt.

 for French barrettes
 you can also purchase french barrettes at Joann Fabrics or other craft stores
Throwing Stars
throwing stars
Aleene's Jewel it Glue
Vendors martial arts belt barrette Tue, December 4, 2007

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful!! Thanks for the tutorial!! I too got similar stuff from Joann Fabrics...