Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beaded Wire Bracelets

Project level -Easy
Project List:
1.Small width bangles
2.28 or higher gauge wire beads -smaller ones better

I saw some bracelets at my work that had beads wrapped around them. I thought -I could make those but better and not in icky pastel pink. So I start by threading my beads through the wire I am going to use. Then I wrap the wire around the bracelet and position the beads in certain places. I suggest using smaller beads because bigger beads tend to break off easier.
 Make sure any wire ends are covered or glued,etc. so they won't snag on clothing or scratch your skin. I had no instructions for these as I just eyed it. Have fun cause they can be made with any kind of bead.

Professional looking ones

Instructions for other wire wrapped bracelets.,1789,HGTV_3225_4224744,00.html

shrink it bracelet,1789,HGTV_3225_4424098,00.html

Fabric bracelet

polymer clay bracelets,,HGTV_3238_1384157,00.html,,HGTV_3238_1378538,00.html,,HGTV_3229_1396722,00.html,,HGTV_3238_1375827,00.html

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