Friday, September 19, 2008

Penny Earrings

Project level-Intermediate(some knowledge of jewelry making very helpful)
Project List:
1.Coins-Real ones from any country but not too big
2.Drill and Drill bit 1/16
 3.O-rings-mine are about 8mm or 10mm
4. Pliers
5.Earring Posts

Not a great picture but I think you see what you can do with coins. I made these in about 15 minutes(coins were already drilled). I just played with it and had some left over 0-rings and shiny stuff from a throw away belt from work.
You can use any coins but the smaller the better for your ears. You could add anything to the coin from different kinds of beads, other metals,etc.

I have another blog on how to drill them @
Refer back to that link for other items with coins.

Vendors of coin jewelry o-rings

go to older blog for coin vendors@ Thu, October 18, 2007

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