Friday, September 19, 2008

27 yd Patchwork Skirt

Project Level-Advance
Project List: Lots and Lots of Patience
Lots and Lots of Fabric Ribbon Yarn Lace

 This skirt took me over 6 months to make. I wasn't constantly working on it but it still took awhile. I used the method that is done for 10 yard skirts but change the math to make it bigger at the bottom. Refer back to Tiered skirt blog for links on how to make a ten yard skirt @  or .

I did patch work on almost every tier-14 tiers. I also did a fitted zipper waist band that went to the top of my hips. No, NO , NO on elastic. It would have flown off me if I did that. Plus I used a lot of quilting cotton fabric which is heavier. I  also used lurex and brocade fabric.

At some tiers I added ribbon yarn for trim(regular trim would have been way way way to expensive). The bottom I used lace fabric that I cut into tiers-clearance , of course. It actually didn't cost that much too make-given that cotton .brocade and lurex fabric was bought on sale and only 1/2 yard(patchwork) of each fabric was used.

Its really is so much fun to have that much fabric to play with when you dance but I don't plan on making another one this big soon. I am half way done making my pirate skirt for Halloween and my mermaid vampire skirt for a Halloween party. I will post blogs on those in November.

Want to know how to make tiered skirts refer back to my first blog on this @ or with links of how to , vendors and other good stuff. Tue, October 16, 2007

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