Friday, September 19, 2008

Pantaloons/Harem Pants

Project level -Easy
Project List: Fabric-the type you use depends on you-it can be made from chiffon,cotton,brocade,silk,etc.
 Thread Elastic-if your doing elastic waist and/or ankles Pattern-not necessary

This could be an endless topic but I'm only gonna talk about the ones I made. I made mine out of some sheer glitter dot organza. I used pattern 5359 from Simplicity.
 It is low on the front waist (v shaped)and only requires 2 yards. If you like those lovely full pantaloons , this is not the pattern for it. Sewed up quite easy and I added elastic at the waist and ankles.
 Zena's diy blog on Harem pants
I would also try Tribal Costuming and the Diy/ Bellydance on a Budget Tribes for past links. Plenty of discussions on there for fabric suggestions, patterns and vendors.

Free Patterns and information on how to make them:
Wrap around pants
Patterns for sale

Vendors(to many to mention but I will list some) Tue, October 16, 2007

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